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    Level 100 or beyond?????

    I was looking up pictures of KH and i saw a picture of sora with a health bar that went across the entire screen and a magic bar that did the same thing. And then on youtube people claim to have exceeded level 100. Do you beleive that or do you want to challenge that???
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    I just want to know how many people were ticked off when they had to find all the items to synthesize. Im trying to synthesize the Ultima weapon but OMG this its taking to dang long!!!
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    ^^ Uh its sort of complicated last year in the 7th grade i went out with her for about 3 months than when we were really into each other(Still don't know if thats one word or two) he came back and made her fall for him again. Then this year I asked if she would come to the fall ball with me...
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    Okay there was no kissing thankfully because I really didn't think I was ready but there was intense lip staring. You know how in the movies they always stare at the lips before they have a very passionate kiss. Thats how it was. Anyway something really strange happened... My dates...
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    Ohhhhhh thats so deep. Im going to keep reading over it and try to understand.(Gets up and grabs a dictionary)
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    Maybe I should try that...:toungesmile:
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    Great Advice.LoL And thats what Royal Blue looks like. Wow She's going to be angry with me... My suit dosen't look anything like that. Oh well:toungesmile:
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    This is nothing urgent but does anyone one have any tips on... Ummmmm Kissing. Im creeped becaue i have to go to a dance this friday and well I'm just a little wierded out. And one other thing. Does anybody know what th e hell Royal blue looks like.(If thats even a color.) Thanks for the...
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    Most hated Organization Member

    Marluxia hands down. I mean whats the deal with this creep. He goes around sniffing people... Sick Bastard.
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    Help/Support ► How do you...

    Hey everybody. I was just wondering how you get one of the signature pictures to be used as a sig. picture. I cant cut or copy and Im starting to get frustrated. Sorry if this is alittle bit out there but I didn't have anywhere else to go. Thanks in advance.:thumbup:
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    Help/Support ► Depression

    Try finding a hobby or something you enjoy doing. For me it's writing stories and listening to music. Sometimes having a hobby gives the feeling of purpose. Try building something. And maybe when you finish you can look back and just say"It was my purpose to build that." Like i told...
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    Help/Support ► Ok, Im down again.

    Why do people keep saying he's blaming everything on other people. He's just showing us people's faults. Its nothing wrong with that. So stop flaming.
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    Help/Support ► Ok, Im down again.

    I understand you. I am treated like a person not only controlled by emotion but controlled by realtionship. People don't think im smart enough to make my own decsions and you know what that really pisses me off. How dare they make judgement om me and my skin color. They no nothing of what we...
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    Bubbly isn't it...

    Has anyone ever heard that Colbie Calliat song "Bubbly". I love that song so much. I actualy got caught singing it in the Middle of a test today and got put out the class.LoL
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    Help/Support ► I Lost Everything :(

    I hope you get everything back.( Im not that big of an expert on computer sotware but compared to my mom im a GOD) Anyway good luck:thumbsup:
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    Help/Support ► Lying to your friends...

    Thanks guys that really helped but Im starting to have another promblem. I want revenge aganist C.F. Im not crazy or anything but I keep going over this whole situation in my head and Im realizing that Im busting my ass over those two and both keep messing up. I mean you should have heard the...
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    Help/Support ► Lying to your friends...

    Please Help... Okay im in a little pickle at school. I have a friend named well... C.F.Those are his intials. Anyway he's going out with M.N and she 's told me 3 secrets and i don't know what to do. One secret is that she can't stand being seen with him because he's shorter than her. Another...
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    Confused about Roxas and Namine (Dont read if you have not beat KH2 or 1

    I don't think it was. Sora was just a holder for her heart. I believe it happened at Destiny Islands when Kairi flew through Sora when the dark door opened behind her. Hey i just realized something if Sora could hold hearts in his own heart wouldn't that make Sor's heart Kingdom Hearts...
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    The Little Mermaid Musical

    I loved it. I thought of it as a sorta way to get out of the seriouness (i don't think thats the way its spelled) of the game. It helped me laugh when everything else was serious. I think that was the entire meaning of it.:toungesmile:
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    You know the thing i don't get is why they have to censor everything. They censor Naruto and... Well i know they censor some other stuff to. So anyway, what they think we can handle the cursing... Well their wrong. BooB's