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    Does ANYONE know how to level up Limit Form?

    I think you have to complete one of Limit Form's abilities, such as Ragnarok, Ars Arcanum, etc. Every completed attack of that type equals 1 EXP. Correct me if I'm wrong. EDIT: Maybe AA isn't in the game. <.<;;
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    i cant get final form!!!

    ...I'll just reiterate everything that everyone else pretty much said: It's random after the even at Memory's Skyscraper where Sora fights Roxas. (cutscene in KH2, actual battle in FM+) After that, just find a good enemy-filled spot very near a Save Point and keep trying; drive to...
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    Organization Data Battle Videos

    o.O That Roxas battle was intense...I probably wouldn't stand a chance. *laugh* Thanks for sharing, Dogen.
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    New Keyblade Question

    Right...but it's STILL not called Winner's Proof. Unless someone gets a screenshot of the silver orb with the Mushroom head on it, I can't technically prove you wrong. However...it is almost definitely referring to the silver orb that you also get for beating the Mushroom XIII at Gaping Maw (I...
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    New Keyblade Question

    I still don't think it's the Keyblade. The item that your linked page refers to is the glowing orb. NOT A KEYBLADE. Keyblade Get Bonuses have ALWAYS shown the image of the Keyblade. ALWAYS. Winner's Proof is not the Keyblade's new name. Besides, that would mean that the item that you get from...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] Thanks for sharing, Puck. ;) The voice quality is impressive. @Riku's Nobody: @.@ You're new, so I'll warn you: don't triple-post. Don't even double-post. If you have something else to add...use that handy-dandy little button that says EDIT. Trust me...
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    The book in yen sids tower

    I'm in the Tower...turns out you can get there from Twilight Town via the Magic Purple Traincar. *rolls eyes* Looks like a good place to level up Final...lots of Nobodies. Beware. Oh, and the place is abandoned, too...Yen Sid and the Fairies are gone. Anyway, I read through the text...and it's...
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    KH2 Character songs!

    *blink* Was that second post even necessary? Anyway, for Kairi (and maybe Sora) : Wherever You Are ~ Lavaa
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    New Keyblade Question

    We have renders of the two new Keyblades (search function, it's your friend) but I don't think we have any confirmed names. Also, that Proof of Victory you're talking about...I don't think it's the Keyblade's name. It sounds similar to the Proof of Connection item you get for defeating the ES...
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    Enigmatic Soldier Questions

    ...There are lots of threads just in this forum with the video...one of them (on the KH2FM+ subforum) is called "Knight Defeated - Aftermath" and has...oh, 18 pages. It's probably on page 2 or 3. And #XIV is right: the search function is your friend. Don't ignore him. EDIT: Topic could stand...
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    The book in yen sids tower

    *blink* Are you sure it didn't relay the story from KH1 to the present? I might as well try and check...gives me an excuse to play as Roxas for a bit, anyway.
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    new heartless or nobodies?

    *blink* They already ARE Nobodies, unless I've been hiding under a very shady, heavy rock since last year. Only big color change I've seen is on those Lancer-type Heartless...Dogen pointed it out when he played through the Olympus Coliseum, I believe...
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    I just got my KH2FM+ but...

    I don't think so. If you have a KH2 guide, you might be in luck, as it has graphics for all of the items. Menu-wise...you might have to test everything. I honestly don't know, though. Try searching the forum.
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    I just got my KH2FM+ but...

    Bottom mode, I think. It goes in order from easiest to hardest: Beginner, Normal, Proud, Critical. If you're not sure, take a screenshot of the selection screen and post it here. Either I or someone else will translate for you.
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    NEW Scans of inside booklet of KH2-FM+

    There's already a set of images from the booklet. I don't remember who scanned them, but it's in one of the sticky threads. Didn't you have another thread like this? :/ (Random note: I just remembered that I had an account here about a year ago...)
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    They're all Keyblades...and I'm fairly sure that a Keyblade can exist without a keychain. This theory is attributed to Puck. The function of a keychain is to bring out a Keyblade's "true form and power." Perhaps the knights didn't need keychains, or MAYBE if the video took place in the past...
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    what are limit conquests

    Twilight: He tried that. Several times. It didn't work, apparently. On the bright side, we now have what may be a definitive list of To-Do items for the secret ending. *grin* Oh, and I wonder who translated that as Limit Conquest...maybe it's not really that. *shrug* We should just call it the...
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    Yeah, maybe he'll decide to go and beat down some of the Data Organization members or something...though it'll be a nice long trip to the area where you fight them. And he's only around Lv. 65 too, so he may go and fight the Orb Organization fights first.
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    what music is this and where can i download

    Different music, man. Other Side is right. The music used in the Roxas fight is called The Other Promise and is featured on the 9th disc of the Complete Collection soundtrack. Links to it are on the forum somewhere...just use the Search function and you should find it.
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    You still should NOT make comments like that. Fighting final stage of Xemnas...but it looks like the connection dropped out. It has for me, anyway.