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    How to beat Hades Paradox Cup

    Yeah, that's a great tactic. It takes enemies out like crazy.
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    How to beat Hades Paradox Cup

    Yeah, that round was harder for me than Round 49... Just glide and use air combos, that's the ticket.
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    air pirate reaction command?

    Yeah, I know that not all enemies have reaction commands, but there are some that have them and are almost impossible to do...
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    How to beat Hades Paradox Cup

    Cloud, Tifa, Leon and Yuffie are easier than Seph. Believe me, I defeated them first time, unlike Sephiroth, and I'm only at 88th level, with strength at 69, and defense at 70. No biggie...
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    air pirate reaction command?

    They are a bit harder to find... In KH, at least you knew the obvious place they would be at - Neverland. Here, they aren't even in PotC, or at least I haven't found them there. Speaking of reaction commands: Can someone please make a guide, or point me to one if it exists, that tells you how to...
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    Could, Tifa, Leon, and Yuffie help!!

    Hmmm... If we put Seph at about 7-8, Cloud, Leon, Yuffie and Tifa would be about... 11 :D Think of Sin Harvest - multiply it by four - remove the time limit to cancel it - you get the 49th level of Hades Paradox Cup... EDIT: I CANNOT believe I'll dispute myself... The previous was written while...
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    Personaly, I would give it... A 9.4 - 9.6. All (petty) flaws cast aside. Just look how the game has been rated by Gamespot users! Nothing under 9 (well, there is some, but they are hater reviews :D)... Why, YOU STUPID IGN, WHY????????? Never again will I trust their reviews (well, I don't trust...
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    Gamespot' s reviewers gave it a 8.7. IGN's reviewers gave it a 7.6. Now, just take that two into account, even though they both kind of suck, they have small points. I played KH II in Japanese. The game was easy on normal, that I can tell. It was shorter then I expected (I thought it was gonna...
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Um... Got a question. Will we be posting about Sanctuary in this topic, I mean when it comes out? There's a topic for the English version, but I have grown fond of this one... P.S. When Sanctuary DOES come out, PLEASE, POST THE LINK HERE, TOO!
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    KH2 4 imes larger than KH1?

    The game is gonna be aproximatly the longitude of KH I, or even less (Trust me, I know). But, it isn't the length that matters. It's the fact that the story will be 2.5 times greater than it was in KH I. And that is something we should all look forward to.
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    2 NarutoEXE: I would GLADLY go. Except that I am on the other side of the world. Literally :D People, don't worry. When Sanctuary gets leaked, someone (and I think that someone will be NarutoEXE) will give the link to us.
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Any news about Sanctuary? It IS February, shouldn't it come out this month?
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    I've thought that that kind of version of Passion would be PERFECT. THANKS!
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    Proud, Beginner or Standard mode?

    Believe me... If you completed KH I several times, you should start on Pride mode... Standard for you would be way too easy.
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    KingdomHearts2 in Gamespy's Top 20 List for 2006!!!

    Huh! Gamespy... I don't like them ONE BIT... KH II should be numero uno!
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    Question aboout KH2 (for the ones that has the game)

    He, I don't know Japanese (though I would love to study it), and I still got to TWTNW. The only things that can really mess you up are the items and the abilities... You can forget about Jiminy's diary, no way that could be readable :D You can really get the hang of the game quite fast, if you...
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    Possible box art found for the NA ver of kh2 ( same box as the japanease ver)

    Nope... KH II is not as dark of a game as it could be, trust me, I played the Japanese version. Maybe the ending is dark, I didn't finish it (waiting for the US version).
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    Possible box art found for the NA ver of kh2 ( same box as the japanease ver)

    North American is better... Brighter, more colorful and vivid. Japanese is way too simple (not clean :D).
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    feelings about KH2.

    I feel sad... Because I know that, when KH II is over, we will have to wait a long time for the next game... And who knows what might happen in the end (of KH II)... Sora MIGHT die, Roxas MIGHT die, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, Donald, Goofy... Passion orchestrated is so sad, it's PROBABLY gonna be...
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    Question for those who have play KH2( maybe spoiler )

    Played it, no multiplayer :(