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    Too Many Cut Scenes

    The only one that caused me that over-and-over-and-over frustration was that 2nd Riku fight. Naarrggh! Supid Riku...*sets Riku's lacey dress on fire*:angry:
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    Will BBS be better because it's darker?

    to tell you the truth, I'd love a particularly tragic and morbid storyline. KH is too happy all the time, and I'd like to see some real peril. Maybe not a death, but a pretty bad injury at least. Or a coma. Something. ...lemme guess, you wanna know what morbid means? sigh...here! There. If...
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    Too Many Cut Scenes

    Yeah it felt kinda good to know that I could finally play as Sora! I could've done without so many cutscenes. Basically all you do in each world is: -Arrive / Almost immediately (if not immediately) find a problem -Move to another area -Cutscene -Move to another area -Cutscene -Beat the...
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    who thinks KH 2 FM+ is coming stateside?

    We may be getting Re: Chain of Memories in North America, whethr or not it comes with Final Mix+ hasn't been announced yet. Since Final Mix is just a re-release, we probly won't get it. But since Re:CoM is like an entirely new Square-Enix project, we might get it.
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    BBS Worlds-Opinionate Away!

    Stereotypical? What do you expect?! You put Sora in a world with Indians and Colonists. What other alternate Sora costume are you gonna get? Talking tree Sora? Annoying racoon sora? Hummingbird Sora? Fat dog Sora? Try thinking of the other potential possibilities before excluding the one that...
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    BBS Worlds-Opinionate Away!

    Gah! I forgot Pochahontas! That would be cool, with some colonist or indian Sora. Really, I wanna see all of the Princess's worlds. I'd like a brighter Beast Castle and a not gloomy Pride Lands.
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    Future Forms

    I was just thinking, in a future KH game do you think there could be any additional forms for Sora to learn? What kind would you like? Personally, I was entirely misled by previews and magazine articles about Forms in KH2. I thought Sora could obtain tons of different identities by fusing with...
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    BBS Worlds-Opinionate Away!

    Sword in the Stone Black Cauldron Narnia would be AWESOME!:thumbsup: Hunchback would be cool Lilo & Stitch Neverland (definitely bigger, please!) Terabithia I really don't think Square would add any Pixar Movies, seeing that it could ruin the whole "classic" feel in KH. I think as long as a...
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    KH2 Final Mix Re-Release

    First of all...calm down...:closedeyes: Next, maybe there are younger players out here that wouldn't recognize the menues. Sure, I could probably get through the command menu alright considering that each option has a picture next to it. But browsing the Pause and Journal menues etc. would be...
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    kh1 secret bosses

    Well, remember when Sora became a heartless in KH1? I think these particular Heartless do no have particular owners, but are just made from the darkness in peoples' hearts, as the game explains. They are simply meant to serve as enemies. Now why do you not see many people in Traverse Town...
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    KH2 Final Mix Re-Release

    Wow, you sure have to analyze EVERYTHING people say. don'tcha:laugh: And I read someone said to download it? Well, if I downloaded it without paying for it, wouldn't that be...hm...illegal?
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    KH2 Final Mix Re-Release

    I get that, but I'm angry because if they still re-release it there, shouldn't we be able to get a copy that perhaps isn't Ultimate Hits in U.S? It would only be fair... Perhaps, but still I never download games, and ok maybe it does play burned games. I never said that the only thing Swap...
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    Final Mix+

    I am SO tired of people posting these threads! Not because they're always wrong, but because it keeps reminding me that FM+ will NEVER, EVER, In A MILLION YEARS!, come to America or Europe, its japanese only, because Nomura has said that we got a copy of the game that already had extra stuff~oh...
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    kihgdom hearts 2 theme song backwards

    I realized it when I saw the lyrics online. I was like,Read it backwards and...Woah!
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    A bit random, but would it kill you people to stop naming your threads "hey" or "something" or "help"? Most people ignore it if it just says "hey", cuz it probably just talks about making a PB+J sandwich.
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    KH1 room mod!

    Just to clarify, only AR MAX will work for the KH series. I bought my copy at a Best Buy, so as long as its a major electronic retailer, you should be fine. It cost me about $30, but it could be more/less in other places and stores.
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    playable characters!?!?!?!?!?!?

    look for the code at freewebs.com/kharmaxcodes:thumbsup:
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    How odd is Naminé?

    Namine does not have an X in her name because she is not an Organization member. Like, the Dusks don't have special names Case Closed - A mod should clse this thread
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    Worth it?

    I'm really not too sure it's worth it. 1.) Have to buy Swap Magic if you're not Japanese, and if you are, how the heck are you reading this?? 2.) Have to IMPORT it. This costs in addition to the original game price. 3.) English voices in old scenes; japanese or none in new cutscenes. All...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Just thought of a few more: Kairi when she first says Sora. "Right...So-Ra?" Sora touches Winnie the Pooh then he flies out of the book. Hollow Bastion is not at all how it was in KH1. Roxas's hair...it's like a pointy beehive! *bees fly out* "Ow, my hair! It burns!" *Roxas dies from bee...