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    Secret Ansem Report 3

    yea since it was made in a hurry there was a lot of typos wikipedia talks about a couple of typos
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    well i like using master more cause the combos are better but its more difficult to level up and also, u cant use drive against xemnas
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    In-game reset

    the only way to restart is just die and load the other game
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    I got a question!?!?!?!?!?!?

    yea u skipped it and the developers had to take a couple scenes out so that may answer ur quesiton
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    hahaha it'll be called three winged angel XD
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    How do u fight sephiroth?

    go to the place after the thousand heartless battle
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    Funniest thing happened to me!

    it took me three tries... but it was funny the first time cause sora got hurt from a regular attack, than mickey came out, he went on the dragon thingy and smashed on mickey and than did his super combo, (repeat over 3 times) LOL
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    how the f do u beat xigbar??? cause that huge combo is killing me im on level 41 by the way
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    yea on certain battles like on the xaldin battle at beast castle man that fight was pretty annoying
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    when u fight seph...

    uhh no u just make an extra file so u can fight him again
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    im just about to do disney castle when do i get wisdom form?
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    Drive forms?

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    help on map cards

    i need a level nine card but i cant get it i keep regenerating the level like 10 trillion times can somebody help me or do i keep killing the heartless?
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    interview voices

    noob the people mean sora was in the pod for 1 year in the plot we're not talking about the game development
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    can any of u guys record the voice acting cause i really want to hear it but i have dial up :(
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    its good but passion flows better
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    hurry up KL!!! i want to listen to it
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    pre ordering kh2

    yea u dhould but if u want to get the best price u should look at other sites like www.ebgames.com www.gamestop.com and other game stores and u should look at www.walmart.com cause the game there is 49.82 ^^ hope that helped
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    KHInsider's KH2 Internet Scavenger Hunt! (Prizes Posted!)

    Re: KHInsider's KH2 Internet Scavenger Hunt! ^^ yay third place