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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    frickin' perverts
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    Theres a keyblade called "FAKE" wtf

    you lamers and your cheats.......
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    kh2 com. on disney

    kinda weird...but cool
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    what kidzworld.com thinks of kh2

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    Secret Kh2 commercial msg?

    i didnt know that....cool
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    Something weird about Drive

    whats cool is when you are in a drive form and theres a cutscene, sora has the drive clothes on during the cutscene....does this work for anti-form, if so it would be awesome.
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    Saved By Mickey

    i was just playing on proud mode, and i got my butt kicked by shan-yu....then i got to play as mickey and save sora (which i knew you could do) but i didnt know you could do that so early in the game....can mickey save you in every boss battle??????
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    Bulky Vendor Help

    i dont really know what your saying, but the capsule reaction command gives you good items...the less hp on the vendor, the better the item
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    Where did you first go into "Final" mode?

    i went into final when i was trying to level up valor in tron world, i entered and the first battle i got it ;)
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    to get them......just search EVERYWHERE and you are sure to find em
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    Your fastest completion time?

    why anyone would rush through a game they have been waiting on for a little over 3 years is beyond me.....which is why im gonna get to 100%
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    Twilight Town 2 Treasures HELP

    f*ck i cant get back in there......is there a way? EDIT: nvm...i got it >.<
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    Anti form sucks

    Anti Form Definition- A form which you turn into dark Sora. This form has weak attacks and you can't heal while you are in it. My Opinion = i hate it
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    Poster Duty Mini-Game

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    Valor Form

    ^ the max level for all forms is 7...i think....but you cant go past 5 till later in the game
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    Poster Duty Mini-Game

    yea i know that...but the poster places are far apart from each other, i cant get to 20 of them in time
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    Final Form Question

    i got it by trying to change into valor...so...yea
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    Poster Duty Mini-Game

    How is it possible to get the Journal Objective on this mini-game. It seems impossible to get 20 posters up in 30 seconds. Got any tips?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Now Avilable in America!!!

    ..........holy......sh!t......, damn, you are really smart! >.< The Above Sentence Is Sarcasm.