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    Did you ever...

    I didn't get angry, I was more so disappointed. I think there was a better pairing going on anyway (I am pretty sure most will get it) , but I won't say why because people will get angry and possibly offended.
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    Guess where I went to... (scenery pictures)

    To Hawaii. It was beautifu,l not exactly how I imagined it. There are parts where there are too many hotels and things that are just ordinary. The thing is you can drive a small distance away from the main roads and find things like the pictures below. I took these picture. I have more...
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    Aladdin would win because he had more eperience in fighting he had to do it most of his life. As for Mulan she didn't fight as long as Aladdin has. If Mushu and Genie helped in the fighting then Aladdin would still win because Genie has all the power of the universe.
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    boating to the island minor kh2 spoilers

    I always noticed it because remember in the begining of KH1 where Sora was in his room and looked out his window and saw a storm and he said something like "OH NO THE RAFT!" or something like that. Then in KH2 they showed the main land. So I was never confused by it.
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? I thought to myself : who ever casted Mena to play Aerith must have really hated life and KH.
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I am really mad at you for a number of reasons. Since I let you use my computer I now have tons and tons of spam in my inbox of things, that I didn't think were even possible or even existed. When minnie went on the computer she saw all the book marks and pages in history saying...
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    how did you get KH2?

    I got mind pre-ordered a long time before it came out. When it did, I played it because I was so happy it was out, then I passed it that week.
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    funny and very fast kh2 opening video lol

    I honestly didn't think it was that funny, the only part that was kind of funny was when Sora was running up the stairs. Other then that for some reason I didn't think it was that funny.
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    kh2 album

    You should load it up somewhere so we can hear it.
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    My reaction was " AHHH ITS ABOUT TIME......hey thats cool *gasp*"
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    Paradox Ceberus points help!!!

    Sorry read it wrong yeah. Use thunder.
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    Ok thanks, I was just asking because I thought I saw a CoM that had SP on it and others didn't. So I was wondering.
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    Where were the behemoths?

    Too bad because it looked like it would have been tons of fun.
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    Thats really cool! Kweh! XD Question say I buy COM if it doesn't say sp on the the cover next to GBA does that mean it won't work for me?
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    Whos your favorite boss.

    KH - Sephiroth cliche yes I know but its fun for me. KH2 - Zemnas final round, and Xaldin.
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    dreams on kh2

    Maybe you have you just don't remember, you dream everything night , some people think they don't have dreams sometimes but thats not true. They just don't remember their dream. *Shakes fist* I hate it when that happens. Just like I know for a fact that I had a dream on KH2 but I don't...
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    Grandstander (Beat my score, I dare you)

    I video for it would take forever. Yeah I didn't want to bother with a high score for it because its too repeatitive.
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    dreams on kh2

    AHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! For some reason I found that funny. You must have been talking in your sleep or something for you mom to pull your leg like that.
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    Dreams General

    I created this because I did not see a general topic on it. Dream 1. A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. 2. A daydream; a reverie. 3. A state of abstraction; a trance. 4. A wild fancy or hope. Dreams have...
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    any kh2 character u wanted

    The option for girls is really small but if FF characters were added there would be more. So I pick Kairi.