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    Anyone know the release date for KH 358/2 Days in New Zealand?

    hey, i was wondering if anyone knew when kingdom hearts 358/2 days was coming out in New Zealand, so if anyone knows please respond, because i know it releases in japan in 2008 sumtime, but i reeeeaaaaaly want to know when it comes out in New Zealand. Thanks.
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    what are some kh2fm+ differences from kh2?

    we know that everything is in japanese. except voices (stuff that, shuld be other way round coz voices dont matter AT ALL) so yea i cant play it even if i wanted to.
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    yea well you got a point there InfiniteTwilight. Ive always wanted to be riku for MUCH longer, but all you get is a minute or so at end. Also i wish FM+ would come out FULLY english so then where i live wuld accept it and bring it in... BUT NO THAT HAD TO MAKE IT ONLY JAPANESE (who cares about...
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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    Well the only thing about it is bad is that its SOO repetive, unlike DMC3 theres bearily many moves or combos in the game But otherwise the game was awesome, really like Seph fight.
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    i dont think BBS wont have anything with the letter
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    maybe BUT it is always about the letter if theres a new one.
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    What do you guys think about the 1000 heartless battle

    i found it OK, why its not that good is becoz it was SO SO SO SO EASY, honostly, and man that older version sounds AWSOME, stuff the edit.And how many times the Heartless ACTUALLY attack me was... umm...wait wait..... o yea like 2 times. Master Aros? CHEATS!? WTF!? WAT CHEATS!? uhhhhh...
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    so..... KH3 wont be called The Keyblade War. Of course it wont. Yea Darb i remember that, the next KH must show wat happens to maleficent after taking that castle. IT SHULD BE ON PS3, becoz by the time KH3 come out, PS3 will be owned the most be many people.
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    maybe Rogjex. and cross blades many people think BBS is in future for some reason dunno why. lots of people say that theres gonna be another game in the future of the timeline, and many that say no
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    when i bet the game (KH2), right at the end it showed Kiari, Riku and Sora reading a letter from the king, doesnt that mean another game is comin out that in the timeline is after it? But BBS is before isnt it? whats with the letter???? :confused: :confused:
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    Why does this site not talk about KH3 Keyblade war?

    well the game Kingdom Hearts 3 The Keyblade War is on PS3, but why is it not mentioned on this site? Is Birth By Sleep, The Keyblade War the same except on PSP and PS3???????
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    358/2 days screenshots

    I dunno TheMuffinMan, i think u can play the Multiplayer for fun BY YOURSELF. im pretty sure.
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    358/2 days using nobody's

    In KH2 the game in Proof Of Existance, well it kinda says that Axel doesnt control Assasins. Becoz the places where it leads to there rooms, it has a picture of Axels one, its got his weapons on it. and it says something about flames. Then theres one with a picture if a Assasins arm on it, cant...
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    358/2 days using nobody's

    Xaldin controls Dragoons, that'd be cool. that doesnt look like a dusk, BY FAR.
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    The answer to Aqua,Terra,Ven (I think)

    CHARGE is so Right. If u read Interviews with Nomura, u'd know more. This KH3/Birth By Sleep is far back in time WAY before Sora and his friends existed. O yea Nobodies and Heartless aren't in existance in that time like CHARGE said and plus u look at a picture that was sent to this site and it...