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    Princesses of Heart

    Kairi was just someone special. Xehanort probably picked her from a lottery or something. I just think that Princess was the only term that could be used to classify them. What else could be used? That and because the PoH have already been established as the Disney Princesses outside of the KH...
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    Gummi Ship Missions

    Nah i didn't have patience to do. If there was something extra involved, I'd do it. For the next one, they need to have the missions more involved with the story or make it a requirement for the Ultima Weapon or something. Or why not get rid of the gummi ships altogether and just put something...
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    KH Main Theme

    This is a "just-wondering" kind of thing. What do you think should be the main theme of the KH series? You know how the FF Series has the main theme of the first game as the theme of the series, but it also has the crystal theme, which is even in Namine's theme. So do you think?
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    Why didn't any knowledge of Ven, Aqua, Terra or their master appear in KH1??

    Actually it did have allusions. Don't you remember King Triton talking about the Keyblade: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Movies (part 12) (3:47- 4:32) And Kairi's Grandomther's Speech?: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Traverse Town - Third Visit (1:24-2:43) If those aren't allusions to BBS then I give...
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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    Well besides the fact that he had to be more nobody-like (think Xemnas's monotonous voice), I think it might have to do with the fact that they didn't lip-sync to English. Think about it: if you have to sort of match your words with the way the mouths are moving, you aren't given much chance to...
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    KH Anime

    Well since I know there are billions of post on this I'm not gonna ask the question. I just want you guys to watch this and comment: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Namine Animation (Extended HD) What do you think? Its not mine though lol. It would be nice if they make an anime in this style...
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    Other Side of your Heart

    So how does the memory of a B + S stir up old feelings/sentiments in a heart if they are separated (Roxas and Sora)? I base that question from the beginning part of this video: YouTube - KH Re:CoM, English cutscene: 38 - Twilight Town: Sora's Visit (Part 1) How can Sora "feel" familiar in TT...
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    Other Side of your Heart

    Well that makes sense but what I don't get is why he said the other side of his HEART. And he also claimed he got it from the battle with Sora, meaning that according to this statement this was something that spawned from the moment. But then again Vexen could just be lying...
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    Other Side of your Heart

    Hey everyone its been a while. In KH:CoM Vexen tells that the other side of his heart's memories (Roxas) created Twilight Town in that game. But I have two issues with that statement: 1) How can Roxas's memories be reciprocated in Sora's heart if Roxas hasn't come in contact with it? Since...
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    Been Alone for So Long

    Damn its been a while... Last time I checked, there is no visible sign of time passing by in the KH series. So for all we know, the time between Namine's birth and the end of KH1 could be weeks, even months! Seems unlikely but think about it. The only time we know that time goes by is in...
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    Birth By Sleep Jump Festa 2008 Trailer English Subbed

    Good job! Wow interesting that Ven saved Terra once. It seems to me that Ven is the one that always needs saving
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    What became of CO during KH2?

    I have a question though. Y would they need to control Sora? Roxas should've already joined the Organization by this time. I doubt the whole purpose of CO was to lure Sora. On a side note, I think that CO was just plain abandoned. Or maybe its just a serious plot hole that the writers forgot...
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    KH 358/2 Days USA!

    Still it's nice to see that they are still thinking about us
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Well I wanted more of a challenge. Where were the Behemoths from the original 1000 heartless scene?
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    English Voice Actors for Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories

    Hey I Think they are doing a pretty good job. At least it's not another Mena Suvari incident...
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    Xion- The .....

    Xion - The only hope Riku has of pretending to be straight
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    Aqua's Keyblade

    Yea I confused Ven's armor for Aqua's. But to tell you the truth I was just looking at the chest lol. Once I looked at the head I realized the truth.
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    Marluxia, Vexen, Larxene's English Voices

    Great Scene! There are times where her voice are ehhh.... but other times its pretty good.
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    Aqua's Keyblade

    I didn't even know this was an "agree or disagree" when I started it. I just mentioned it to see everyone's thoughts on it. But hey agree/disagree away! Well anyways, I just re-watched the video and while the armor is rather female-ish, it turns out to be Ven (I had to watch over and over to...
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    Marluxia, Vexen, Larxene's English Voices

    IDK but one role he's pretty famous for is the Digimon Emperor!