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    Vanitas could be...

    Vanitas could be the darkness is MX's heart. Which would mean that he could be the Xehenort we know. The fact that Vanitas comes out of MX's body means that they HAVE to be connected somehow, and if it is Xehenort then it would explain why when he takes over Riku eventually, thats why everything...
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    Theory for Memory Loss Problems

    I think the loss of everyone's memories came from Kingdom Hearts. Here's why i think this. In a previous trailer, we are shown Ven in OC with MX and Ven doesn't recognize MX (this is the scene when MX tells Ven to give up in order to gain blah blah blah) and then MX summons an orb. That orb is...
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    Theory about Ven

    Ok, so sorry if this has been suggested or discussed already, but i just thought of it and it may be possible. So my theory is, what if Ven IS Roxas? Its not like it doesn't make 0% sense, Roxas may be Sora's nobody, but we could still consider that Ven went inside of Sora somehow...
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    Is Terra Still Alive?

    Ok, so people were talking about Terra maybe being in the Room of Awakening, but in KH2 FM+, Sora fought Terra, so is he still alive? (Sorry if this was already discussed)
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    New Trailer

    Did anyone notice that in the beginning that Terra and Aqua are fighting?? Pause seconds 4-5 and you'll see them fighting it out
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    Well, we aren't sure who Xigbar is refeering to yet, so we can't assume he remembers TAV
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    vanitas theory

    Right, but it was said that that specific keyblade originally choose RIKU, but since in that one moment Riku chose the darkness over light, he couldn't weild the keyblade, so it chose SORAinstead, so my statement still stands, the keyblade was supposed to go to RIKU
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    Who should be a D-Link or a Party member?

    I gotta say i'd want the Lost Boys to be a D-Link instead of the Seven Dwarves, they're so much cooler
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    Ok, i'm afraid this might have already been mentioned, but if not, its an important and may be factual theory. So supposedly nobody remembers the happenings of BBS in the main story, and the title is Birth by Sleep, so maybe they all went to sleep like Sora, Donald and Goofy did in CoM and...
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    vanitas theory

    Well lets not forget, the keyblade was originally SUPPOSED to go to Riku, but then there was a slight mixup
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    Ok, so a question/theory about the keyblade. They say that the keyblade chooses it's weilder, so is it possible that there is a soul inside the keyblade? It's a crazy theory, but inanimate objects don't just go around choosing what it wants to do, so maybe that's how the keyblade works? and then...
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    Questions and Theories

    Ok, so I'm sorry if 1. This has already been posted, and 2. if this is too many things to ask in one thread, but anyway, here I go. So the scan with Kairi gives yet another hint that Aqua has something to do with Kairi. So something I thought of was maybe Aqua was the one who brought Kairi to...
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    ven isnt a normal human being

    What if Ven is a Nobody? Roxas had almost the EXACT situation as Ven, so, why not consider the possibility that Ven is a Nobody? Maybe of Terra? I don't know, just throwing it out there...
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    what is wrong with king mickey?

    Well why does Mickey need Sora anyway, he lept in and killed all the nobodies instantly, how did he get the keyblade in the realm of darkness anyway, i thought Mickey was good???
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    Mystery Of Xion's Existence

    I think that Zexion did this to use Roxas to do what the organization want (s/ed)
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    Mystery Of Xion's Existence

    Xion is supposed to have a VERY specific reason for being in the organization. My theory is that Xion is a figment/creation of Zexion's power. Xion would still be able to weild the keyblade, (if you remember back in Chain of Memories, Zexion made a fake Sora who weilded the Keyblade). Also, the...
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    Did Terra seal Destiny Island's Keyhole?

    As said in the first Kingdom Hearts game, every world has a keyhole. Also, in the first game when Sora is having the flashback when they first enter the 'Secret Place' and the door is there. I am only guessing that the door is there, because the world was sealed? Is it possible that Terra did...