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  1. Vice

    I found something and not sure what it is...

    There is an entrance to it on the left side of the building. Like a giant hole in the wall
  2. Vice

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending Surprised its taking this long and still no cut scenes
  3. Vice

    Data Sora's Voice

    HJO voiced sora back in 2002, you dont really expect him to sound the same 9 years later did you?
  4. Vice

    Hunchback World Announced: Imagined Music Themes!

    Its about fucking time< iv wanted this world in the game for the longest time. A Classic Disney film.
  5. Vice

    NBC's The Cape

    So this show had a 2 hour premiere last night, anyone else get a chance to check this out. I thought it was pretty solid and I will def continue to watch it. It is on again tonight if anyone missed it.
  6. Vice

    Help/Support ► no oujia board in my household

    Yeah cause a mass produced toy from Hasbo has the ability to summon demons and has some sort of santainc power. Are you hearing yourself right now.
  7. Vice

    Funny things that have happened to you in Birth By Sleep

    Was playing rumble racing, I stunned Huey with an attack durring the first lap and he was frozen throughout the entire race. So I easily won that race.
  8. Vice

    Second Chance and Once More

    I know you have to mend for these but I dont know what exactly. I have to use the Pulshing Crystal. A list of abilities for each characer would be nice. I want to fight Vanitas and MF already but without them Its not gonna be possable.
  9. Vice

    another secret ending question (sorry)

    You get the endings after you finish the final Episode.
  10. Vice

    Birth by Sleep: A massive piece of Fridge Brilliance

    Ah Okay, I see what your talking about. Used to speculate about what those castles were so long ago
  11. Vice

    Birth by Sleep: A massive piece of Fridge Brilliance

    Your part 4 dosnt make much sense. I went to see the playtrough of EOTW and The little forest is simply the representation of 100 acer wood not Dwarf Woodlads. I dont see anything resembling Castle of Dreams of Enchanted Dominion
  12. Vice

    Levelin up Aqua

    The Command board is a great way to level up your abilities.
  13. Vice

    Issue with the BBS bundle pack PSP

    Your probaly just hitting the "home" button on accident. It kept happing to me cause the button was hidden under my hand.
  14. Vice

    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    I have a feeling its Eraqus. I mean The fight takes place at Land of Departure. And something about his stance makes me wonder.
  15. Vice

    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) Obviously its for the Nintendo DS. Why you people questioned what system it would be on is beyond me since it cleary says on the site its gonna be on Nintendo DS (NDS)
  16. Vice

    Jungle Book was going to be in BBS.

    Surprised its taken this long for someone to find scrapped coding. Hell with Days people found that shit in like days.
  17. Vice

    Vanitas Voice Actor Confirmed

    IMDB uis not a source of reliable information.
  18. Vice

    NEW BbS release date!

    Lets stop posting about a non existent date.
  19. Vice

    Help/Support ► MIP(Minor In Possesion) Citation

    Its usually a fine and a slap on the wrist. The $150 your gonna pay is most likely all thats gonna happen
  20. Vice

    release date?

    http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/147538-birth-sleep-release-date.html TRY READING