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    Wii Friend Codes

    I thought we needed to have a thread for all of us to share Friend Codes. Mine is: 7984 8964 9122 3865 I'll try to add you as soon as I check the thread. If you don't want me to add you but you want other people to please note that in your message and list the people you'd like to add you...
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    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    I think so too. Also I played KH2 first and then went back to play KH and was horrified though I still loved it. Bad storyline for it= good game
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    Ditto. That and the eye scene. That'd ruin it well.. kinda.
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    More Evil Please!

    by popular opinion, Dark villians are the new black. I agree.
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    How Disney Town/Castle Should Have Been

    But minigames usually aren't what us fans care about. I would risk it.
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    How playable is Destiny Islands?

    How cruel of them! Don't they know by now hat logo = plauablity. Having. A logo and not playing is just evil.
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    Why Ansem SoD was different

    So know that we know about the multiple hearts within Terra/xehanort, can we now explain a mystery of KH? Why was ansem different? I think it's due to the multiple hearts. If one goes to darkness (the mx heart) then the others while tainted with darkness will remain letting him retain a human...
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    Fanfiction ► Chosen

    Amazing!! You kept the battle sequence plenty interesting and it set off a nice little scene in my head! Great job Zero! Your writing has improved exponentially since you started!
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    Secret Boss

    Sephy... Love him to death but it's getting old.. I'd appericiate a teaser type boss though... Maily for epic mysterious vid. Lol
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    I think terra is xehanort!

    And that acomplshed... Nothing. People existing and creatures exsisting don't directly relate to eachother. All you've proved is hat he isn't SOD yet which we already knew. Terra very well could be xehanort, but then again they could do like in days and do like with xion. Remember when everyone...
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    A look at Vanitas

    I don't think thts enough to be able to tell anything. We'll just have to wait!
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep world excitement

    All of them but I'm really excted about land of departure and radiant garden!
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    Fanfiction ► Chosen

    I like this chapter. Nice twist and your writing is improving! :)
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    Limit Pass

    What does it do exactly? How does it work?
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    Kairi and her Grandmother

    Also, she may not have it yet. This thread is still pointless though.
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    New Famitsu Scans

    Re: New Famitsu Scan (Kairi/Radiant Garden) Maybe this kiari won't be so .... Worthless . Also yay 4 grandma!
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    BBS game board?

    So is it mandatory? I don't know if I'll like a boardgame thing...
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    Fanfiction ► Chosen

    Good job on the said. Just a bit of tweaking in your wording/ word choice. Like when you said right in their face twice in the same sentence. But I tottally love how they are in lilo and stitch's world. That just makes it all the better.
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    The 358/2 Days Website Music

    KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days this is the site. I know that song. I just can't put my finger on it though.