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  1. Trukybldemstr2

    And.......I'm Back (Not that anyone cares)

    Sup everyone. Back from the real world after being away for so long. Site looks A+ by the way.
  2. Trukybldemstr2

    World Heist

    Corpus Christi, TX Evening Darius had left home and didn’t bother looking back. He had no reason to. Sure. school was fine and the supply of females never ran out, but he had reached a stalemate in life. What did he really want to do with his life. He was getting tired of school as a whole and...
  3. Trukybldemstr2

    World Heist

    WORLD HEIST (Awesome Collaboration between Trukybldemstr2, Lunarmaster54 and Luna008) The Story 15 years ago: Orpheus: The Children have all responded well to the treatments. No negative side effects. Well…..no physical or visible effects. Further testing will not be necessary. They are...
  4. Trukybldemstr2

    World Heist (Working Title)

    Kinda been toying with the idea of a an RP about a group of thieves who are trying to rob the five largest banks in the world.It doesn't have to be banks though. Just something action packed and full of espionage and intrigue. I think I would be better off with a collaborator on this if anyone...
  5. Trukybldemstr2

    Battleship....Yeah the board game.

  6. Trukybldemstr2

    Reincarnation...well not exactly..

    I don't know I am kinda bored but still.....what if in the following series after KHIII (whenever that comes out) the next series featured Sora still. Now I know that is obvious but what if it wasn't the same Sora as in the first Saga (i call it saga because of all the side stories and such.)...
  7. Trukybldemstr2

    The Light

    You feel the darkness has conquered your soul You smile and laugh and make people believe you are whole Even though you refuse to admit it, this life, all of it is a lie But the false lifestyle is what you choose so that you will not cry Smile young one for there is hope Even in the dark there...
  8. Trukybldemstr2

    Help/Support ► Do black ppl wipe their asses after they take

    As a member of the black race....I must say your father is correct....and fortunately for us, we are only carriers of the disease, it doesn't harm us. Blame it on the government.
  9. Trukybldemstr2

    The LXD

    Has anyone else seen this web-series It mixes dancing and a great story (in my opinion) together in a pretty awesome way. I just got into it and the new season starts soon (I think). http://www.hulu.com/watch/158343/the-lxd-robot-lovestory
  10. Trukybldemstr2

    Eurogamer Review of ReCoded [Hint: As good as Sonic before Colours]

    Kingdom Hearts' Storyline is not as convuluted as you may think...It is just the simple fact that there is so much unnecessary...although cool...side stuff that adds to the important facts..that you kinda get confused...but all in all when this series finally ends you will realize that...
  11. Trukybldemstr2

    Story Idea( Lucas)

    So far i have written three background poems that will help with the Book I will begin working on soon. Please if anyone is interested in learning more please let me know...or something.
  12. Trukybldemstr2

    Japanese Cartoon

    So i came across this when trying to find a song by Lupe Fiasco.....well is you don't know who Lupe is...he is a rapper...and apparently he is a rocker as well. He has a rock band called Japanese Cartoon and its pretty cool in my opinion... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN8NrOV4wcg
  13. Trukybldemstr2

    The Next Three Days

    This movie looks good( in my opinion) and it has Russell Crowe and Liam Neeson....that is great! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lti0vfCPZns
  14. Trukybldemstr2

    Marcus Rivers playing Birth By Sleep

    THE Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep....hahahahahahaha
  15. Trukybldemstr2

    Help/Support ► Okay, so...`

    Because of this sudden revelation i must turn all my future sig requests to other people who are straight....sorry king but that is how it is! not really!...Hey!......bi-curiosity killed the cat...ok maybe not.... Screw a guy and let us know how you feel afterwards. JUST KIDDING Seriously...
  16. Trukybldemstr2

    Cutscene voice syncro

    "Feckless neophyte" for the win! Oh and i believe ven said something to the effect of "That's the stupidest thing i've ever heard!"
  17. Trukybldemstr2


    Another JJ Abrams show that I thought was really well done!.....This show displays potential. I thought that JJ took the normal route and made a normal show until the telephone conversation between the old man and a mysterious person. Anyways, it looks great so far.....I love all of JJ Abrams...
  18. Trukybldemstr2

    The Event

    I don't know if there was a post for this show but if there is please put this there... This show is trippy as hell and AWESOME!!!..it kind of reminded me of Lost and some other things....especially the ending..that was a WTF moment.....the show has great potential though. Anyone else see this...
  19. Trukybldemstr2

    Terra savees anyonee?

    gamefaqs always has saves check them out!!!! I feel bad for your friend though
  20. Trukybldemstr2

    KH BBSFM trailer

    I am now sad...................and yet also happy....