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  1. Roxas-XIII

    Kingdom Hearts : Era of Darkness (remake)

    KINGDOM HEARTS : ERA OF DARKNESS Back by popular demand! :D The previous RP fell dead due to roleplayers being to preoccupied with school life and other problems. Now, it is making a comeback! By request of the past roleplayers, i am pleased to create the Kingdom Hearts : Era of Darkness...
  2. Roxas-XIII

    Kingdom Hearts : Era of Darkness OOC Thread

    Welcome! This thread is for use of the roleplayers for the roleplay Kingdom Hearts : Era of Darkness and for anyone considering joining it. Here you can talk out of character about the future of the RP's storyline or general talk between users. Links: Sign-ups Thread -...
  3. Roxas-XIII

    Kingdom Hearts : Era of Darkness Sign-ups

    Story: It is a few months after Sora, Riku and Kairi received the letter from the King, informing them of a new evil that has revealed itself. The three are, even now, awaiting the opening of the portal to the other worlds. The new evil has emerged from the depths of darkness. They are known as...
  4. Roxas-XIII

    Help/Support ► Xbox 360 Elite red ring proof? As if!

    Haha, it was so weird when he found out. He just went 'it happened again? i'm not buying another' then he laughed about it. O.o But thanks guys, i just bought FFXIII for ps3 and restarted it. Your support helped me stay calm ^^ And turns out the console is second hand so we dont have a warranty...
  5. Roxas-XIII

    Help/Support ► Xbox 360 Elite red ring proof? As if!

    Yeah, i looked it up a short while ago. There's been loads of complaints about the elite having red rings too. But he'll still blame me. I dont think he listens to logic, and he's my older brother so he thinks everything he says is right and anything i say is wrong.
  6. Roxas-XIII

    Help/Support ► Xbox 360 Elite red ring proof? As if!

    Well hopefully the warranty's still there, or we can get a refund and buy another one. But i'll go mad if my brother blames me again. It isn't my fault if the console malfunctions. But, thanks.
  7. Roxas-XIII

    Help/Support ► Xbox 360 Elite red ring proof? As if!

    Ok, so yesterday i was at my friends house playing FFXIII. When i came home last night i decided to go and play on some more on my brother's xbox elite. I turned on the console and was in the middle of selling some things on the shop, when all of a sudden my cursor stopped moving and i wasnt...
  8. Roxas-XIII

    FFvXIII Characters in KH 3?

    Sorry if there is already a thread on this. Feel free to delete this one if there is. So, i was wondering... There have been several Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts games so far, from FF7, FF8 and FF X/X-2. What i want to know is... do you guys think that the Final Fantasy Versus...
  9. Roxas-XIII

    Help/Support ► Stage Fright

    xD Ive got to do a presentation next week >.< Not looking forward to it, but i usually do better when im actually presenting it. Like some have said, look at one of your friends or just generally look to each of your friends a couple of times. Also, if the teacher is one you get along with...
  10. Roxas-XIII

    What struck you as odd?..

    Demyx running away... shouting 'run away!' i was like Sora O.o 'Okay...' Then Sora's unusual panting before saying 'You're good' to auron in the underworld. Hello? Nomura? Did you notice how wrong it sounded ? XD I also found those monsters in Days, the ones that go round in circles without...
  11. Roxas-XIII

    KHII Opening

    Oh, of course Rixam. Thank you! Sorry i forgot that >.< EDIT: Okay... after what BlackCat said im confused xD
  12. Roxas-XIII

    KHII Opening

    Angels in flight? I wonder how that would connect to the game... I actually started to think it might have said 'Ages of lies', where it might be relating to the 'ages of lies' Namine put into his head, or 'Angels of lies' where it might be relating to something about the Org??? I dont know...
  13. Roxas-XIII

    Has Anime affected what you do?

    Just a funny thought i had today. Has watching anime given you habits that you havent realised? For me, I dont remember what anime it was but some how it influenced me to constantly go 'Heh' when texting or writing, and also when speaking >.< Also, its made me use faces like the one above as...
  14. Roxas-XIII

    KHII Opening

    In the first video id like to know what Namine 'says' when Sora is trapped in the pod. Is it 'angel that flies'? or something? ive always wondered
  15. Roxas-XIII

    The Last Remnant - Should i get the PC version too?

    okay, I already have the Xbox version of this amasing game. But, i find i dont always play the Xbox and regularly go on the PC. I have been considering whether to get it for PC or not. I am not selling the Xbox one im just wondering if i should get the PC version. It seems to have a couple of...
  16. Roxas-XIII

    Let's Be Friends

    Okay, it's come to my attention that i havent really been speaking to everyone and i havent made many friends. So, i thought i'd make this and get to know some of you some more and possibly make more friends :D So, come on, say something about yourself and let's see if we have anything in common...
  17. Roxas-XIII

    PSP Recommendations?

    I just recently bought a PSP, not a PSP Go. It came with the simpsons game and rocky movie. I decided to sell these and a few other games for my other consoles and i bought FF: Dissidia, Crisis Core: FF and Yugioh GX Tagforce. What other games do you guys recommend i get in the future? I will be...
  18. Roxas-XIII

    Possible to change my name?

    I was wondering, is it possible to change my username at all? I cant find an editing option to do it and i couldnt find this question in the FAQ so i was wondering if anyone can tell me if its possible and how i can do it, please ?
  19. Roxas-XIII

    Do you think Devil May Cry will ever lnik to Bayonetta?

    This is for anyone who is a fan of either the games of Devil May Cry or the newly released Bayonetta. I was just wondering if anyone here thought that there is a possibility of these two games becoming one at some point. I mean, Devil May Cry involves Hell and Bayonetta involves Heaven (...
  20. Roxas-XIII

    KH : Era of Darkness Sign-up & OOC Thread

    Story: It is a few months after Sora, Riku and Kairi received the letter from the King, informing them of a new evil that has revealed itself. The three are, even now, awaiting the opening of the portal to the other worlds. The new evil, known as the Souls, are lead by their master Jolon, who...