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    the runaways

    anyone looking foward to the runaways i am even though its rated r anyway i love the video cherry bomb
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    dude if it comes out on the 1st of june thats when hansons new album shout it out comes out to weird ay
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    la la lady brown

    i love this song its so awsome YouTube - Song: Lady Blabla - Rosetta Brown (to f%ck dressed in a woman Shin) LOL some chick is singing about shin dressing up as a chick and please dont be mean about shin he really make a hot chick
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    famous people who like kingdom hearts

    well i was in stickam chat today with romeo nightingale from rouge morgue and the fans were talking about ps2 games and one fan asked if romeo liked kingdom hearts and he said he loves it he cant wait for the next game so anyway has anyone else heard of famous people likeing the kingdom hearts...
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    Help/Support ► its a sad day for happyness

    no not the movie a sad day for happyness is a song from cinema bizarre who wboke up the band aint together anymore =( cinema bizarre was my life my obession
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    Help/Support ► its a sad day for happyness

    its a sad day for happyness to day cause i found out my fave band broke up all the fans have been crying its the end of the world but jack strify is going solo so that might be a good thing and mr hangover might be a wildflower to so what do you think us fans should do fade into darkness, just...
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    Ansem SoD and Sora's Heartless

    whats SOD please explain i so dont know what it means
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    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    terra because he came xehanort i dont like master xehanort but i like terra i feel bad for terra now
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    (Spoiler) major questions

    i dont like MX cause he made terra evil terra was a good boy now i have to replay the games just to see ansem xemnas
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    Ain't it just CUTE??

    aww its so cute i love ienzo even though he hurt his father but so what hes so cute i love him
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    Favourite Lines in 358/2?

    got it memorized i love love love tha quote i say it everywhere now
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    is it me

    is it me that has been replaying days and axel has been wareing eyeliner it looks like it to me has anyone seen it or is it just me?
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    Wtf, Xemnas?

    i never seen the weapons before weird right i played heaps of times and didnt even notice it
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    Day 74 cutscene

    i saw that on the game did ya know yensid is disney spelled backwards
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    How do you pronounce the character names?

    yeaj they are hard to say dude what was the video with them saying there name link please
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    Full Famitsu Scans

    Re: Partial Famitsu Scans (Lea + Isa) lea is hawt omg kinda like bill kaulitz/ yu phoenix younger
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] how about micky mouse will that be cool
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] hey can i draw zexion and axel
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    finished kingdom hearts 358 days 2day

    aww cute i got the game on the 27th of november and finshed 21st of december 09 yesterday in australiai think xion was easy to fight i had hte full limit break easy as
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    finished kingdom hearts 358 days 2day

    hey i finished kingdom hearts 358 days 2day i cryed at the end of the game so sad i so idnt know wayne allwine died r.i.p so what i what to know did anyone cry at the end of the game or was it just me:cry: