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  1. George~

    Favorite Boss Battle Per Kingdom Hearts Game.

    KH1: Oogie Boogie (I found it really fun) CoM: Marluxia Days: Final battle with Xion (Only one that I can really remember) KH2: Xigbar (I loved this battle so much, most memorable one for me in the whole series) BBS: Auqua v Braig Re:Coded: Heartless Sora DDD: Young Xehanort
  2. George~

    Could Terra be in The Realm Of Darkness?

    Ah okay, I hadn't actually seen the full gameplay demo. That clears it all up, thanks for telling me.
  3. George~

    What are some of the worse aspects in the KH series.

    There are some aspects that I believe could be improved on in KH, but it's not really too big of a deal since I still love them how they are. But here they are anyway: - Free roaming is a little lacking - Not a lot of NPCs - Some of the animations on faces make me cringe But those things above...
  4. George~

    Could Terra be in The Realm Of Darkness?

    I honestly think it's just a projection of Terra or the RoD playing tricks with her memories. She says 'not even memories are safe from the darkness' so I just assumed that the Terra we see is some sort of trick. Also when she says 'im doing it again' makes me believe we're probably going to see...
  5. George~

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    The first time I ever remember knowing of Kingdom Hearts was when my Sister left home to go to University. This was around 2007 and I had just gotten my PS2 and all I really played was Lego Star Wars. A couple of months after she had left home we went to visit her, whilst my parents went out to...
  6. George~

    The best intro you have ever seen

    Hi there, I'm George. I'm not used to this style of forums but hey, I've got time to learn. Uh. I don't really know what else to put here so I guess I'll just say this 16 years old UK I like video games That's pretty much it, see you around.