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    Pulse or Cocoon

    I've had Final Fantasy XIII for awhile now and I'm kind of confused. We all know that Dahji and Cid are Sanctum L'Cie while Serah, Snow, Hope, Vanille, Lightning and Sahz are Pulse L'Cie. But is Fang a Sanctum or a Pulse L'Cie, I mean she completed her previous Focus, so that mark must have been...
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    I don't have my PS2 unfortunately, my brother has it. I was told that it was possible to download a save file from after the Tutorial, is that possible?
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    I got Re:CoM for Christmas for my PS3, the 80 one, and I can't get passed the beginning. I'm unsure of what to do. So help, please?
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread K I have a question. For North America, when KH Re:CoM is released is it on the 2nd or the 4th? I've been told that the 2nd is the shipping, 3rd is for pre-orders and the 4th is when everyone else can get it.
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    Cloud versus Ramza

    Okay everyone, who do you think would win? The Knight of Ivalice or the silent warrior of Midgar?
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    Least Favorite Final Fantasy Character

    Who's your least favorite characters in Final Fantasy, thus does include Tactics, Tactics Advance and the rest of them. For me I have to say; I don't like Gau from 6. Tifa, Scarlet, Hojo, Heidagger and somewhat Sephiroth from 7. Rinoa from 8. Steiner, Zorn, and Thorn from 9. Wakka, Seymour and...
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    Everything We Know About Coded | KH Mobile So Far

    Hey, umm stupid question but my friend told me that Coded was being moved to the PSP, is that true or no?
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    FF characters in BBS

    Sora and Kairi, maybe, I could careless really. I can sort of see the Aerith x Leon but from perspective tells me its more family relationship then anything. I hope they don't put in Rinoa -_-;; Even though it would be amusing to see Squall and Rinoa constantly be arguing. And no they don't...
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    If you could be any character in the game who would it be

    Squall. Just so I can kick Rinoa off the cliff.
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS

    Think about it this way, the entire Kingdom Heart's Series is a total separate universe from the original Final Fantasy Games, while in the FF series each of them have their own planet with their own background stories and all that in The KH series Radiant Garden is the Alternate FF character's...
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    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    I don't know about that, I'd think that would just be an overkill. Don't get my wrong I LOVE the FFVII series but it's getting WAY too much attention, I think we should just leave Cloud, Zack, Aerith and Sephiroth in it from FFVII and that's it.
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    Could Xion be...?

    lol. But seriously discuss people, on Xion being similar to Lingering Sentiment.
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    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    Hehehhe Zack and Rude would be awesome to have in BBS, though I'd prefer Irvine over Zell, since I think finding a voice for Irvine would be far easier then Zell's voice. As for Rinoa, let's hope she's never showing up o havingr any indication of her in any future KH games shall we?
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    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    Jecht would be interesting in the very least.
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    Could Xion be...?

    Well from my perspective Lingering Sentiment is what was left behind of Terra, similar to a message or a spirit being unable to pass on. -shrugs-
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    Could Xion be...?

    lol sorry I wasn't clear enough.
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    Could Xion be...?

    Lingering Sentiment Yttrxium, lol.
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    Could Xion be...?

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    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    hmm for me: Squall ( I absolutely REFUSE to call him Leon) Reno Vincent Locke Lulu Balthier But I really hope they DON'T put in Cloud, Sephiroth and Rinoa in KH3 or BBS.