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    Habbo Hotel

    What do you all think of this?
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    When I login to the chat everyone on my ignore list gets ignored, TWICE. And everyone who has me on ignore, I get ignored as I walk in the Chat. I find this very annoying after 37 times. The ignoration usually provokes flames, EX: [Unrevealed Member]: GTFO 212. Is there anything anyone can do...
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    //In //Between// The //Lines//

    This is a litrate RP. You dont need to have skill, just need to be litrate and contribute to longevity. I expect one post every week from EVERYONE who joins up. Anyways rules are Morpho's rules. Post any templatte. EDITING LATER WITH STORYLINES.
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    Listen To 212

    [sora212]: Sorarox please GTFO. [The Lounge]: Soraroxrikusux05 has now left at 5:14 PM. Discuss now.
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    Auto Fail

    http://forums.khinsider.com/xchat/save.php?id=ab252cf33e0e2ae42219f370b2cabf68&font=Arial&size=13 Sorry my "Newb" side got over me.
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    End of 212

    I am permanently taking my leave from KHI. My life is hectic and I am flooded with homework. Also I am using the computer in secrecy. (Which means I am grounded for 4 years.) Leave all 212 quotes,messages, or memorabilia here. Those I must speak to, I will see via MSN or Yahoo. Goodbye...
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    Dont Call Me A Whore

    Like the title says I am not an attention whore. I just need input. My computer is broken. I dont plan on fixing it for a month. What should I do? A: Leave KHI B: Fix the damn comp. C: Stay on KHI D: Take a break. I just need input.
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    Windows Is Stuck

    My windows is stuck loading. As soon as I start the computer It is okay until it begins to load. Windows is starting up is as far as I get. I am on my mom's computer. Please help.
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    Destiny Called me back.

    Destiny Called me back. So here I am. I am back and reinvented. With this newfound intelligence I am officially back and running. If any questions PM me as soon as possible.
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    I just looked at the time. It was 2:12. So I declare 2:12 my official time for a stupid act. Act 01:
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    Delete a website

    How can I delete a website from being acessed on my web browser? I need to delete a website called hannahmontana.net My sister visits it frequently. I think she is a virus prone. I use IE explorer 6
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    Fortune Telling

    I will tell anyone's future. Just post what you want me to fortell.
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    Ss Goku V.s Naruto (kyuubi Level 1)

    Who would win in this clash of titans. Back up those facts. Naruto would win. Kyuubi 1 tail = SS3 Goku Rasengan= Spirit Bomb Uzumaki Mirage= Super Dragon Fist Naruto won hands down.
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    Cs2 Issue

    I have photoshop CS2. I was checking my hard drive to delete useless crap. I accidentally deleted the whole help center of cs2 and I deleted the filter gallery. Tell me how to get them back please.
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    Banned in Chat

    I was banned fromm chat today due to a certain member convincing a moderator that I posted porn images. I did no such thing. If I am forced to mention the mod's name I will. I was wrongly banned. This is wrong. I demand I be un-banned and that this judgemental mod be dealt with.
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    How can I screencapture a image? I have tried to do everything.
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    keep a bulbasuar on you at all times.

    Becuase it pwnt Mudkip.:thumbsup:
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    Haven of Gods (My version)

    heaven, A bliss and bountiful place ruled by the king of all gods. All of heaven is peaceful, and the gods are happy. But there is one god who is not happy,it is Kratos the god of war. He dosnt enjoy peace. The gods aren't worried though, they clearly think they can outnumber kratos, but...
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    See Ya

    I am leaving the forums for a month. I feel like I am attached to this forum but everyone takes a brake. I will occassionally check up on everyone maybe even post. But for now, See ya. I wont say good bye for 2 reasons. Good bye means a good bye. No more visiting or seeing again. I am just...
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    Help Me Now! Trouble!

    I need to erase my yahoo search bar now! My mom will see the hentai.....help me. I need help. I will be in a hell if I get found. :mad: