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  1. Kazr10

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    Avaritia is latin for greed. And fox is the sin of greed
  2. Kazr10

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    Yes, Japan is favoring the 7 deadly sins theory. Especially so when Vulpeus is named Ava. I did not follow much on it but I think one of the union animals does not belong, which some theorized to be the traitor union.
  3. Kazr10

    Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi] Walkthrough Help

    Post any game advises and tips you have here. If there are any questions with regards to Unchained X[chi]; gameplay, storyline, events, etc. Feel free to ask!
  4. Kazr10

    Development Team Report #11

    New Story Developments Story updates for Daybreak Town will be added after the maintenance on 3rd September. Keyblade Level Cap Increment In late September, the level cap for all the Keyblades, except Moogle of Glory, will be increased. Release of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ The...
  5. Kazr10

    Trophy Completion Statistics

    Not really sure if the statistics are reliable. For example, my game consoles are in a location where they can't pick up the wifi in my house, have to use my mobile data if I need to connect them to the Internet and I rarely do so. I think I haven't synced my platinum for 2.5, synced only once...
  6. Kazr10

    2nd Anniversary Survey

    As mentioned in the first post of the main topic, you can participate in a survey from today till 23rd July. Completing it will earn you 300 Charge Munny, 10 Potions and 10 Ethers. What you can currently buy with 300 Charge Munny: - Event Beginner Box (5 R+ Tidus, 5 R+ Stitch, 3 SR+ Moogle, 3...
  7. Kazr10

    Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] 2nd Anniversary!

    It has been two years since Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] has been launched. On the 2nd Anniversary, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale once again crashed their gummi ship onto Daybreak Town. This time they came with a letter from Mickey asking them to search for the "key". What new revelations will there be...
  8. Kazr10

    The Kingdom Hearts Nuzlocke Challenge

    Just my 2 cents but these are not restrictions at all. Ars is the best Limit, Stitch is god, Donut ship is near invincible. I've completed quite a lot of the above, except for the equipment ones. Brings me more irritation than fun haha. Thinking of restricting guard and dodge roll in my new...
  9. Kazr10

    Secret ending headaches...

    Make sure you have finished up your sticker albums with all 3 characters, 140 points each. And there is no proud mode trophy, only critical. You need to replay all 3 characters, final episode and secret episode on critical to get it.
  10. Kazr10

    Preparation for Sephiroth?

    Sephiroth is really, really, really easy in FM because of Limit Form. For the first phase, just guard, guard break and Zantetsuken. Keep close to him and he will only use his melee. If you hit his revenge value and he teleports, just Reflect or dodge roll out of the way. Repeat. Strike Raid...
  11. Kazr10

    About halfway through Terra's playthrough, question...

    Use your first character to 100% all minigames in Disney Town. As well as unlocking all command boards. This will unlock all races and command boards in Mirage Arena from the start for your 2nd and 3rd character. You only need to play the races in Disney Town if you want the Keyblade. And you...
  12. Kazr10

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Just learn not to rush and panic. Sometimes you can avoid moves just by moving your character instead of spamming cures or dodge rolls in a panic. Take a second to observe the situation and don't disrupt your battle rhythm. For the fatties and cars, they should give you an obvious hint on when...
  13. Kazr10

    [Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] X Dragon Quest Monster Parade] Crossover Campaign

    Campaign Period: 21st May - 18th June Important Note: Please tell me if there are any Hangame users! I assumed that all of us here are using our Yahoo JP IDs to play χ[chi], and the below information applies to Yahoo users. Event 1: Clear these requirements for both games to get all the...
  14. Kazr10

    Honey Event (21st May - 4th June)

    Event Heartless: L22 Nimble Bee (3 AP): 3150 HP, 3 base drop L555 Terrible Bee (15 AP): 165337 HP, 10 base drop Fierce Queen Bee: Regular Raid Boss Fierce Queen Bee Subspecies: Subspecies Raid Boss Event Abilities: Glorious Sword+ Glorious Sword non-HP 150% Drop Rate 75% Drop Rate...
  15. Kazr10

    Kingdom Hearts 2 issues?

    You can try posting a screenshot. Do you have a mickey symbol for all character pages for each world? The game is also very helpful in giving ??? entries post game for the missing ones. Edit: I think you need Mushroom XIII as well.
  16. Kazr10

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Stitch: Infinite MP, reflects projectile back to enemy, stunlocks enemy, guarantee stunlocks plus hp orb drop when Hp is low. I personally consider it a sin to not know Stitch's usefulness. It is way more useful than Final Form in so many situations. All other summons are very useful as well...
  17. Kazr10

    Kingdom Hearts 2 issues?

    Yes. Specifically Wisdom, Master and Final. Not sure about Valor's High Jump though, but Limit is really useful in battles so you should max that as well.
  18. Kazr10

    Kingdom Hearts 2 issues?

    Stitch + Magnet Thunder spam. Reflect spam for Sorcerers and Devastators.
  19. Kazr10

    Are 358/2 Days & Re:coded region-free?

    3DS cannot play: - Other region 3DS games, digital included. - DSi enhanced games - Virtual games in other region's eshop, since you can't access it. And I think they are unplayable even if you transfer them into your memory card. I have both US and JP version of 358/Days and Re:Coded and both...
  20. Kazr10

    Mushroom number 11

    If you are going for the journal requirement, then keeping a distance is better since your hits from Wisdom Form land easier. Also, I prefer Rumbling Rose over Fenrir for the additional Finishing Plus. But if you are going for the S rank, you must stay close to it. To greatly reduce the amount...