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  1. gottaluvkh1992

    I think it's time this was brought up again

    I think this is strongly why Namine is different, looking at the whole Heartless Nobody issue, Heartless are made when someone loses their heart to darkness. Well Kairi had a heart of pure light, so she couldn't form a heartless, hence when Sora freed his heart using Oblivion and turned himself...
  2. gottaluvkh1992

    Favourite Organisation XIII Member

    I couldn't find a thread for this so forgive me if there is, but who's your favourite Organization 13 member, seeing as I can only do a Poll with 10 answers I'll just update this below for when each person posts :) so: Xemnas: I Xigbar: Xaldin: Vexen: Lexaeus: Zexion: Saix: Axel: Demyx...
  3. gottaluvkh1992

    Rp site join please

    Hey I made a site based on Blue Dragon, but the good thing is that you dont need to know anything about blue dragon to rp on it as it is based after the game, all you need to know is one the site. And it needs members, so please join people :) Shadows Reborn A lot of hard work went into it :D
  4. gottaluvkh1992

    Blue Dragon

    Hey, I was wondering if any of you play Blue Dragon here? Or watch the series?
  5. gottaluvkh1992


    Hey I'm back, not that many of you remember me or were on this site when i was, but still HEY :)
  6. gottaluvkh1992

    Rememberance Thread

    It so was, just for Xion and Roxas, just to see them develop and also to make us all cry at the end :cry:
  7. gottaluvkh1992

    Best Organization Members in CoM

    LARXENE, I'm a Larxene slave lol :p
  8. gottaluvkh1992

    Favorite magic

    Blizzard, they were good if you froze them, but magic in 358/2 days seemed a bit...rubbish
  9. gottaluvkh1992

    Sonic the Hedgehog fanclub

    I dont know if this topic has been done but i though i would make a sonic the hedgehog fanclub, what do you all think? So about our first topic: What is your favourite character(s)? Ask to Join and I'll add your name to the list: Gottaluvkh1992 Xodyc Shade73 Midnight Star Also I am working...
  10. gottaluvkh1992

    The best Shadow Hearts game (may contain spoliers)

    Hey I haven't posted in so long, but anyway I have recently became a big fan of the shadow hearts series and I was wondering who else here was and what you thought was the best one. Though I'm guessing Covenant will be most liked. Anyway so I will go though each one and state good and bad...
  11. gottaluvkh1992

    Yuri Vs Shania

    Who would win in your opinion? And I mewan Yuri in number 1 i havent got 2 yet. Yuri maybe stronger in some aspects but Shania can attack 5 times where Yuri can only do 3. Shania also has some kick ass magic in her fusions especisally in Tirawa. Also Yuri's moves have only 1 hit (that i...
  12. gottaluvkh1992

    So for a little fun.. The Character Select Screen?

    i have an idea maybe you start as another character a character you only play for a short time, and you have to choose which one to be out of Ven, Aqua or Terra, kinda like in KH1 when you talk to Tidus, Wakka and Selphie with Sora in his dream. Or you do a lot of options like questions and...
  13. gottaluvkh1992

    what are the age ranges of people that play KH 2

    OMG i just looked at the release date of KH1 it was 2002 so i was 10 when i first played KH and i still play it now wow so im gonna say 13-17 im 16 now
  14. gottaluvkh1992

    What is its name?

    i do believe it has a name it is not even a world it was made by the nodies so its probably named the Organisation 13 Fortress
  15. gottaluvkh1992

    Help/Support ► Reiligious Confession.

    i have grown up in an athiest family and i myself am athiest and there is no way i will turn to believe in God, but recently i became athiest/wiccan, i am wiccan in the whole spells and rituals but not the God parts. I havent told my family cuz they will think im a freak, firsty i tell them im...
  16. gottaluvkh1992


    Does anybody here watch Charmed? If you do what do you think? What's your favorite character? Etc I have only seen series 5 and im watching 6 on Living but i missed 1-4 sadly.
  17. gottaluvkh1992

    hey i need your opinion

    my mum went to walk our 8 month old puppy this morning. And while she was walking him she found under a bush a very young, small, freezing cold puppy. It had been left there to die so my mum picked it up and my dad who had just dropped my bro off at school found her. And i have spent today...
  18. gottaluvkh1992

    Jesse McCartney fanclub

    hey i havent seen a Jesse McCartney fanclub so i thought i'd make one. Jesse McCartney is the voice of Roxas for those who didn't know and he is the person in my pic. Members Male Gottaluvkh1992 neloangelo Female TwlightPrincess Eliza
  19. gottaluvkh1992

    Org. members 7-12 names

    this has been done so many times, i have a thread on it as well, i think larxene maybe Elerna a bit like electric and elena from FF7
  20. gottaluvkh1992

    Help/Support ► I Think I Can Help. Ask Me.

    hey though this thread maybe useless because we have a section for it but i would like to join, i have helped many people so i would enjoy helping. and though i may sometimes be depressing that is because atm in my life i have a lot things going on and a lot of problems so i'll try my best :)