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  1. Twilightheaven

    News ► Completely Localized Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Trophy List!

    Shock that beating the optional bosses, who were the hardest in the game, rewards you a bronze trophy. They should make it gold to beat sephiroth and the unknown.
  2. Twilightheaven

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- PS3 Theme Preorder Bonus!

    Already preordered a couple of weeks ago so the more stuff the better.
  3. Twilightheaven

    Square Enix explains why KH3 is not coming to the Wii U

    Square Enix Reveals Why Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be Coming To Wii U | My Nintendo News Don't know if this was posted but this was posted today. Honestly I am not buying the explaination. What do you guys think?
  4. Twilightheaven

    Favorite version of Dearly Beloved?

    Easy KH1. Because it was soothing and had wave crashing sounds along with it.
  5. Twilightheaven

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Sound Team Interview!

    I actually listened to some of the music for KH 1.5 final mix. And I don't know why but I like the original music better than the new ones. Maybe because I played kh1 so many times and have the soundtrack of KH1 that i would have said to just keep the music.
  6. Twilightheaven

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Confirmed for North America & Europe!

    To quote from Lebron James- "Its about damn time!!!"
  7. Twilightheaven

    KH3D won best 3DS and RPG at Gamer's choice 2012

    2012 Gamers' Choice Awards winners announced | news10.net So KH3D won best 3DS and RPG game at the Gamer's choice awards. Thoughts?
  8. Twilightheaven

    Help/Support ► programming question

    For most programming, people used C++ using either direct x or opengl for computer games because if it runs for the computer, then i could run for any home console, thats why they made packages for XBox controller usability and so forth. What you need is a GBA emulator of some sort in order to...
  9. Twilightheaven

    KH3d up for best Handheld game at the Golden Joystick awards

    I guess your right. Although I would like to see it compete. I also notice the same thing with Mario Kart that it wasn't on the best racing game catagory.
  10. Twilightheaven

    KH3d up for best Handheld game at the Golden Joystick awards

    Im kinda surprised it was not on Best RPG game. I mean it IS an RPG right?
  11. Twilightheaven

    KH3d up for best Handheld game at the Golden Joystick awards

    Best Handheld | Golden Joystick Awards 2012 Apparently we can vote on the nominations and KH3D is nominated for best Handheld game.
  12. Twilightheaven

    Name your dream eaters

    I was starting to name the dream eaters as the names from Dragon Quest 8 but I stopped because there so damn many of these dream eaters
  13. Twilightheaven

    Take a Picture with KH3D!

    So excited to have this game :smile:
  14. Twilightheaven

    North American KH 3D Commercials

    Re: KH 3D Commercials When I saw the commercial on Monday Night Raw. I think they used the Sanctuary music in it.
  15. Twilightheaven

    North American KH 3D Commercials

    Re: KH 3D Commercials I actually saw the commercial from WWE Raw 1000 episode tonight. AWESOME!!!
  16. Twilightheaven

    KHInsider interviews Ben Diskin! - He's played KH 1 and 2 already!

    What got you interested in video games and Kingdom Hearts?
  17. Twilightheaven

    News ► Monsters Inc 2, Toy Story 4, Finding Nemo 2 has been green lit

    'Finding Nemo 2,' 'Toy Story 4' & 'Monsters Inc. 2' Plans In The Works For Pixar & Disney - International Business Times My reaction is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDr0mPuyQc&feature=related
  18. Twilightheaven

    TV ► Viacom-Direct TV dispute

    DirecTV-Viacom Dispute May Affect Access for 20 Million Customers - NYTimes.com Ahh man no Legend of Korra. Damn it!!!!:mad::mad::mad:
  19. Twilightheaven

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    Just got the demo today and OH MY GOD that was awesome. Its gonna take time to get used to the flowmotion combat but it is going to be fun. The only complaint I have is that the first boss battle is going to be a pain in the neck in the real game because i don't think we will have the attack...
  20. Twilightheaven

    itt: e3 questions are answered!

    There is one question i would like to ask Sign and Master Spockanort is overall who won E3 from there perspective.