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  1. Keyblade-Serial

    -Void Of The Heart-

    -An man...feeling deeply into what appear to be in an abyss...his eyes were as dazed as the lust for victory. The man's green eyes where the only thing shining from the abyss. He was diving into his heart. But.....his own heart didn't appeared...only to fall deeper and deeper to the void. Of his...
  2. Keyblade-Serial

    Fan Soundtrack: Push Your Limits: UPDATE

    In the previous journal, i'd gave yall the wrong ling..sorry Here's the link for The Fan arragement soundtrack created by me https://www.dropbox.com/s/78i0l6ji7s1llgt/Kingdom%20Hearts%20Push%20Your%20Limits_2.wav?dl=0 I would like all of your's most honest opinion
  3. Keyblade-Serial

    RP Starter: Who am i'm...?

    ((In a field that was inhabited by foggy darkness. The scenery were of a wasteland, thorns were out of the ground making pathways that seems like a maze. The sky were pitch dark, only the thorns let out an light, but it was an dim purple light that gives this field an ominous feel to it. In the...
  4. Keyblade-Serial

    Hidden Quest Idea

    Hello. I am not really new to this website, i was Kingdomheartless but i returned. ANYWAY this is an idea i though would be very good in kingdom hearts :frown: since it is indeed the end of the dark seeker...