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  1. eiczerofour

    News ► Diamond Select Toys plan to release new Kingdom Hearts figures

    Was nothing new announced at SDCC? I am kinda missing Riku in this line... and I guess Kairi is a no go now?
  2. eiczerofour

    News ► Diamond Select Toys plan to release new Kingdom Hearts figures

    Hey dude just wanted to let you know I just found the kh3 Sora / Malificant at Gamestop. 20% off with 5$ bag for most collectibles so came out to less then $20 after tax. (I'm in Texas too currently where tax is usually high.)
  3. eiczerofour

    News ► Diamond Select Toys plan to release new Kingdom Hearts figures

    I honestly didn't even know they were online. I got the Sark and Tron-Sora pack a few months ago online, but even the store that usually gets in the specialty sets (2nd and Charles in my town) have not gotten the Sark or Maleficent pack. I am thinking of just going to Amazon for it since it is...
  4. eiczerofour

    News ► Diamond Select Toys plan to release new Kingdom Hearts figures

    No I am starting to agree with you. I am excited for KH 3 Sora, Malificant, and Herc... and these costumes are cool but I want some more Disney / square / kh original characters. And if this is all we get this year, this line started off a lot more exciting then it has become.
  5. eiczerofour

    News ► Diamond Select Toys plan to release new Kingdom Hearts figures

    As an avid toy collector who visits Walgreens often... I have not seen any of this wave in the wild at Walgreens. Only seen a few sets at Gamestop.
  6. eiczerofour

    Who do you want Sora's party member(s) in Shibuya to be?

    Sora's partner could be Yozora, and Riku's could be Demyx, who is revealed to be the Master of Masters.
  7. eiczerofour

    KH New York Toyfair news

    So far we have seen the Diamond Select KH3 figures of Herc and Nobody, Sora (Guardian) with heartless and Sora (Toy Box) with Heartless. We have also seen Bring Arts Pirates Sora. Anyone else excited for the new KH merch? :)
  8. eiczerofour

    Did nomura run out of ideas ?

    If there are really all these Kairi fans, why are you upset that she has the same character? She was never strong, never great at anything, and she has gotten better then she started. Even though she is probably one of the weakest characters in the game (with Lea) she is still a lot stronger...
  9. eiczerofour

    Post KH3 Mysteries List (Spoilers)

    I am believing more and more that Demyx is the MoM.
  10. eiczerofour

    The final world spoiler question

    I believe it meant that Sora was the only one to arrive with a body, Naminé was just kinda there in spirit (or heart or whatever) but her body was destroyed. I may be wrong but that was how I interpreted it while playing through.
  11. eiczerofour

    Quotes from all the Voiceless Nameless Stars

    Are these Keyblade wielders of old from the age of fairy tales? Are they our friends who have been lost? (The first one I found, I thought may have been Kairi but idk now.) That one really does feel like Cloud. Do we have any guesses for who these may be? Even just one of them?
  12. eiczerofour

    The treatment of women in this series

    Kairi did more in this game then ever before. She got developed as a character, and though at times she needed help, so did lliterally every other character in this game. She also saved Sora. Aqua saved Ven. Kairi saved everyone that was not hersef. Xion saved Axel (the real damsel in this...
  13. eiczerofour

    Any characters you like more/less now?

    I did not dislike any character more. Braig definately moved from not care to care a lot. Xion had some powerful moments, but I already loved her. Terra had powerful moments, and I enjoy him every time he does something because he has just improved since bbs. Ventus, Aqua, Riku all still felt...
  14. eiczerofour

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    The third heart was Xion, at least that is what they have been hinting at in both 358/2 when she had to “return to Sora” and DDD when Riku saw her in his heart.
  15. eiczerofour

    Mystery surrounding the Unknown Girl

    I strongly believe X is Master Ava. It makes too much sense with the epilogue and everythimg we now know about the fortellers. Plus if it was Ava there is a good chance Luxu knew about her, possibly even summoned her there.
  16. eiczerofour

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    They are post game battle gates.
  17. eiczerofour

    Secret Reports

  18. eiczerofour

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    I loved this ending. I loved the epilouge. I loved the secret movie. It honestly reminds me of kh1 endimg so I really do not understand why people are so upset over this. It was good.
  19. eiczerofour

    News ► The World Ends With You Neku Bring Arts figure announced at SDCC 2018

    Definite pick up for me. I am so hype, I loved him in DDD and cannot wait to see his story on the Switch!
  20. eiczerofour

    News ► Official TWEWY Mr. Mew Plush currently in production

    I would also like one, hope they are not hard to get online. (since all the cool Square merch never comes to the US.)