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  1. Salty the Hero

    Help/Support ► I honestly need help :(

    have you tried Drugs. no i don't mean weed, try heroin. or you could buy a Corgi and do Drugs with It
  2. Salty the Hero

    Help/Support ► Getting a Laptop

    dude just get an ipad do you still live in 2006 or something lol
  3. Salty the Hero


    uh tryin to get good again, whaddya think?
  4. Salty the Hero

    this is the last thing i've made

    wow i'm bad...
  5. Salty the Hero


    no text text tryna get back into tagging. made this for cloud/eli. cnc? note: i tried to do a 3D-ish effect on the stock but it pretty much failed, and i just went with that.
  6. Salty the Hero

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Sorry guys, the images got deleted a while back. I don't have them on my computer anymore, so I'm locking this up and editing the OP.
  7. Salty the Hero

    Official Playstation Blog on Birth By Sleep (PSP Bundle and Release)

    Aww, September 7th :c Oh well. And this also proves that the trailer was real :<
  8. Salty the Hero

    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    I dunno... the English phrases in the command screen thing throw me off guard. =/
  9. Salty the Hero

    Jungle Book was going to be in BBS.

    Shame they cut out, what could have been, an awesome world. Jungle Book was my favorite movie :c And yeah, the above; just add new worlds instead of the used/old ones.
  10. Salty the Hero

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    I'm sorry guys! I'll get the links fixed up ASAP. Just so you know, I won't be making anymore wallpapers. Sorry :C
  11. Salty the Hero

    So, like, I am back :O

    Awesome smilies s1smackdown my favorite Arthur episode!
  12. Salty the Hero

    Happy Birthday, Eli! (●゚∀゚●)

    s1ellefaces1ellefaces1elleface Let's sing a special birthday song to our beloved Eli (or Cloud)! I'm going to buy you FF1! party at my place, 10pm!
  13. Salty the Hero

    Who would you like to voice Aqua

    http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/141153-va-discussion-thread.html Discuss there.
  14. Salty the Hero

    G.I.BBS N.A. date

    http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/145137-bbs-dated-na.html Discuss there.
  15. Salty the Hero

    KH3... On the Wii?

    Hey everybody! Interesting news today, Disney CEO Bob Iger was asked about the "company's current approach to the video game market when compared to the introduction of Disney Interactive Studios in 2007". He replies saying "that the company would be publishing fewer titles for "high-end"...
  16. Salty the Hero

    2 questions <.<

    The tilde means that there is more than one mission for that day.
  17. Salty the Hero

    BBS PSP?

    We can't say, there's been no confirmation about it.
  18. Salty the Hero

    NA release date?

    Stop going off topic :l NIER doesn't have anything to do with the release date of BBS. Go discuss it somewhere else.
  19. Salty the Hero

    What combos do you like to use?

    Still, it's not like they can't see the sticky at the top =/ Anyway, this topic is fine here. It's not really a 'your favorite' type of thing. /deleting posts
  20. Salty the Hero


    Don't think I showed this one. Sort of simple, but I like it :3 cnc.