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    A new one

    I think this one is my best yet tbh :p : V1: V2: P.S.:Don't mind the anti-rip it's(look beyond it XD)
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    So ye another one : V1: V2: CnC
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    Another 'decent' one

    Just like the title says (as i'm getting the hang of it/learning it): CnC
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    First 'decent'

    Here is my first decent GIMP sig (my first one without tuts and basic knowledge was utter crap :p). But ye nothing big/special but just 'decent'. So ye CnC
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    Whole Seph battle Vid + After the battle scene in HQ

    i was looking for this thanx xal
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    *SPOILER* The Sephiroth in Kingdom hearts 2 is even harder than the first one

    could someone give me the links of the battle videos please?:)
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    Release Date in UK

    i don't think that's true it can but we will see i heard it's coming to europe in october so we have to wait...
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    Sephiroth's Moves In Kh2

    wow sephi is gonna be hard! but how do you upgrade your dash lvl then?
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    Selling out already???

    i live in europe so i can't resereve it before there is a release date for europe.but as soon i know the release date i pre order it.
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    Kairi VS Namine

    kairi namine is to boring
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    Pictures of New Keyblades?

    does someone also have the statistics of the nex keyblades like theyre power and what they do?
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    Your Favourite Drive Form!!!!

    brave form ownezzz
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    Better Quality of Sora vs ----

    roxas got seriously owned in that movie :p
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    summon level?

    sorry this off-topic but can SwEdEnGuRlSrHoTt make his signature smaller because it's very disturbing and it kinda ruins the layout...
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    Trinity Limit Video + Another Prideland Boss Battle

    w00t and i thought the first trinity limit was tha bomb.
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    Wow... just wow...

    it's a cool fight but i have to go with what muffin said the guy is just clubbering like a chicken with no head
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    Pictures of New Keyblades?

    http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=38709 there's a chart of the keyblades with pictures of them
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    Debate on KH2 Spoilers

    i just can't resist my self to look at the spoilers because kh2 comes out in europe around oktober
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    Sora vs. King Mickey

    i think sora would kick mickeys butt because sora has alot more skills and is better with the keyblade(that's what i think)
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    roxas sora ansem and diz

    ansem vs diz