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    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    From what I've been told from people that have the newest famitsu Nomura says the master examination is only one part of the game. I wonder what else will be included in the game.
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    Official Japanese Site Fully Open

    It seems it's getting a fall 2010 release in Japan.
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    It likely means either that part actually happens before Vanitas shows up or something else completely that none of us know (but I'm betting on the first choice.)
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    358/2 Days Sales number

    I was talking with a guy at Neogaf earlier and we convinced ourselves that the game will sell more in october and possibly crack the top ten games sold. Really though October will be very telling for how successful this game will be in America. It was able to get 201K in a few days but now it...
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    358/2 Days Sales number

    This man speaks the truth. You should always take vgchartz sales numbers with a grain of salt. Somtimes they can be close but more often than not they're way off from the official sales data.
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    358/2 Days Sales number

    NPD sales data was released earlier and for the month of September it had 358/2 days selling 201k. Now it also covers a couple days of october as well so it only covers 4 days of sales for the game. It's likely sold quite a bit more since then.
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    Worth buying?

    I wouldn't buy a DS just for this game but there are many great games on the DS and I do think it's worth it to buy the system. A DS Lite is only $129 now and if you get a DSI it's still only $169. I'd probably buy a DS for Squares games alone.
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    game times

    I had a little over 24 hours when I beat it. When I get the game back my time will go up considerably as I do challenges and other things like that.
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    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    Here's the link to the scan with images of the Axel and Saix scene: http://img163.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=95540_vip627587_122_666lo.jpg# Obviously I can't link you to footage of the axel and mickey scene because the trailer was shown behind closed doors.
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    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    Thank you for finding it for me. I really wish this stuff would've been in the game but I understand that there's only so much room to work with on a DS game.
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    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    That really sucks especially since they had fully created the world. I guess if they were to do a final mix of the game then it would probably show back up but till then I just have to wonder why they would cut it out.
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    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    Wait so have there been screens of it or something? If so could you kindly point me in the right direction?
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    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    Do we know if it was the same as the pinnochio world in the original or was it going to be completely new?
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    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    I was reading a description for the original trailer for this game (which was shown behind closed doors) and a scene was mentioned where Axel was talking with King Mickey. Then I later came across some old Famitsu scans and saw screens of a cutscene between Axel and Saix in the world that never...
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    Saix: Yes or no?

    He's my third favorite member right behind Xemnas and Axel.
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    (SPOILERS***) Xigbar/Ven Scene

    At the time he probably did mean Roxas but I could see Nomura changing it up a bit and saying he was actually talking about Ven.
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    358/2 Days Sales number

    Those are great numbers and just barely under it's first week in Japan. Every unit of this game that's sold is well deserved.