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  1. PhantomSoD

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix in Famitsu Weekly!

    Kind of hoping TAV finally get capes in BBS. Capes are awesome
  2. PhantomSoD

    What difficulty do you start on?

    I've been doing the hardest difficulty since BBS. Was always to afraid when I was younger, now I can't do the normal settings without breezing through
  3. PhantomSoD

    Think KH will ever be on Wii U?

    I just remembered this topic coming up in the thread debating KH3 being on either PS3 or 4 and it got me thinking. What would some features of a KH title be on nintendo's new home console? I personally I have two senarios for what I'd like to see for a KH game depending on what kind of game it...
  4. PhantomSoD

    Sora's 3D clothes

    Maybe, but earaqus didnt seem to use it for TAV. I think it may come from somewhere else
  5. PhantomSoD

    Sora's 3D clothes

    Remember back when 3D was first releasing some screen shots everyone made a huge fuss about Sora and Riku's clothes. Theories of Riku's collar being related to Xeanhort and Sora's X related to Eraqus in some way. It turned out that the X was So with that, what do you all think was the reason...
  6. PhantomSoD

    Is Sora invincible?

    Wait, if Ven's heart wasn't released into Roxas' body, and Sora was a heartless throughout KH2(the part that retained his original heart) then how was Roxas able to use a keyblade so early in Days? I know he eventually grew his own heart towards the end. But without utilizing Ven's, were did his...
  7. PhantomSoD

    Is Sora invincible?

    I knew that most of the crap happening wasn't entirely cannon. but what this stuff made me think about was what exactly makes their bodies up. between the constant brutal beatdowns and the weird body creation that is inevitably going to happen (bringing back Roxas, Namine, Xion) where will their...
  8. PhantomSoD

    Why I think Dream Drop Distance was bad for Kingdom Hearts

    true. there was a lot thrown at us at once, and I admittedly had to look up a few plot points myself. I was just pointing out that the info was given. That seems to be a flaw with a lot of final fantasy type games that try to create an all encompassing universe. Since the creators are developing...
  9. PhantomSoD

    Is Sora invincible?

    After watching a montage of reaction command events in KH2, I started to notice how gruesome some of the crap that happens to Sora when you mess up on those. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix - Reaction Command Exhibition [Special] HD - YouTube Basically, he gets chomped on and thrown around by both...
  10. PhantomSoD

    Why I think Dream Drop Distance was bad for Kingdom Hearts

    It seems like a lot of the complaints coming about the "convoluted story" are actually answered in the game if people would just bother to look. In the OP for example: love or hate the time travel theme (i personally don't mind it since it was given enough limitations to not make it abusable)...
  11. PhantomSoD

    Kingdom Key Appearance

    Oh. Ok. Been quite awhile since I played KH1.
  12. PhantomSoD

    Kingdom Key Appearance

    Had a quick thought about the appearance of the Kingdom Key. I know that sora originally got his keyblade from Riku. But I was thinking about what caused it to take the physical form of KK. After seeing the x-blade was physically a cross between KK and KKD. Seeing as Ven was essentially the...
  13. PhantomSoD

    Multi-Senario in KH3 (3D Spoilers)

    Ok, I just came from the thread discussing Axel's prospective new fighting style now that he has a keyblade and all. The most popular theory over there seems to be that he'll use a combo of the blade and his chakrams(prob. floating around him in mid-air). If this is the case, it would make for...
  14. PhantomSoD

    So now that you-know-who has a keyblade...

    Actually, this quote made me think of something, and I realize this is a little out there, but you know how it was essentially confirmed in 3d that the nobodies of org.13 were beginning to grow hearts. What if whatever portion of a heart that grew within Axel stayed when Lea was made whole...
  15. PhantomSoD

    Xehanort's many forms... (for those that are confused about what's going on)

    Thanks for the link. This is really comprehensive :biggrin:. Just one thing I didn't understand though. In the original post when you say that MX in DDD is from the future, what makes you think so? By the end of BBS Xeanhort cast away his body to take on Terra's, so how did it come back in the...
  16. PhantomSoD

    Ok, finally finished 3D and was a little confused about....

    ....Terra's body. In TWTNW when all the Xeanhorts were gathering, I was surprised to see the last one was old crusty Xeanhort from BBS. I was expecting to see the young Terranort combo like he was when the organization originally split into heartless and nobodies. So basically my question is...
  17. PhantomSoD

    Nintendo eShop KH3D Demo Impressions

    I like how they tried to make these dream eater attacks more brutal. (Well, as brutal as KH can be anyway) Sora being thrashed around in the t-rex dream eaters mouth and being held in hockomonkey's chest while getting the crap punched out of him was a great step to taking some of the...
  18. PhantomSoD

    KH3D New Worlds Trailer! (Promo Video Compilation Thread)

    Re: KH3D English Promo Trailers! (New Dream Eaters Trailer!) Who thinks they're gonna have a bit of a pokemon flashback when it comes to collecting certain dream eaters. I know I'll be spending a lot of time hunting down parts to get that t-rex dream eater. Just like the good ol' days looking...
  19. PhantomSoD

    Should BBS/BBSFM be ported to the 3DS?

    I'd be cool with it just because I'm looking for something to do with my 3ds. But it would just make more sense on a console. Although it would look cool. There aren't that many visuals in BBS to compliment the 3D like DDD does with the falling sequences going to new worlds and whatever else...
  20. PhantomSoD

    Nintendo Direct Conference Tonight (6/21)!

    I think they just left out the second analogue stick to not piss off people who bought the original. The XL edition looks like it's meant to be more of a second option rather than an actual upgrade. I know it would piss me off if they did.