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  1. teardrop

    Did anyone else think that Xemnas was the most boring boss in the whole series?

    I kinda thought he was fun the first few times around. The different stages and everything made for something interesting to look. Some of the things you had to do added some variety. Sure, he wasn't the hardest boss, but he definitely left me screaming at the TV every now and then.
  2. teardrop

    COM vs RECOM

    Re:COM was just an utter disaster to me. For some reason, the transition from GBA to PS2 didn't work for me at all. Sure, voice acting and some added scenes were a nice bonus, but I just ended up going on Youtube for everything. The 3D environments made it really hard to see some enemies on the...
  3. teardrop

    Is anyone getting bored of BBS?

    I finished Aqua's story first and then kinda forced myself into playing Ven's and Terra's. I wan't really looking forward to starting back at level 1 when I had Aqua at level 50. So yeah, I did grow a tad bit bored with it when I had to restart the stories. Now, after beating them, I don't even...
  4. teardrop

    If you could take out one scene in KH2, what would it be?

    That scene and the one where Sora, Donald, and Goofy jump around and hold hands. I could only just shake my head.
  5. teardrop

    What You Like/Dislike about Days and why:

    Likes: -The Moogles. They were so cute in Organization coats. -Panel system. So addicting. -Roxas -Story. Yeah, it was a bit dull and got on my nerves, but I still liked it. -Organization XIII. Getting to fight alongside them and play in multiplayer as them was pretty awesome. Seeing inside the...
  6. teardrop

    Did Blank Points make you..

    I cried a bit I'll admit. I shed a few tears when Aqua cried and felt sad for most of it, but then I got really excited for the next game and stopped crying. It was a bit more hopeful than sad.
  7. teardrop

    Help/Support ► HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Uh.... You could test to see what the best kinds of golf balls are. You know, buy up a bunch of various brands at a sporting goods store, build a simple machine that will swing a generic golf club at a constant rate, find an indoor driving range, and go for it. But that may be hard, so you...
  8. teardrop

    Pre-Order Special: DS Icon Decals

    Re: ReCoded PREORDER SPECIAL!!!! Yay stickers! Just the thing I needed. Seriously, this was the big announcement? Decals for my DS? Wow, SE is really out doing themselves with this pre-order bonus. I'll still pre-order the game just because, but the decals are a disappointment.
  9. teardrop

    Re:Coded announcement

    Re: Coded announcement Wow, SE sure knows how to blow us away... Please, don't say that decals were the big announcement. And if they were, that's just...wow.
  10. teardrop

    Command Board

    ^^Bingo. I am scary awesome at the Command Board. Everyone else I know who has the game, hates the Command Board and absolutely sucks at it. But I love it.
  11. teardrop

    Am I the only one who....

    KH2 was easy to beat, even on Proud. So challenge wise, it is a step down from KH1. But, I honestly like KH2 more than KH1. Sure, triangle made life simple, but I genuinely liked the story more than KH1's.
  12. teardrop

    Merchandise: BBS Keyblade Keychains

    Aqua's looks awesome! I want all three, but I'll probably get Aqua's and buy Ven's for my sister.
  13. teardrop

    Does Anyone Else Dislike Using the PSP?

    It's all right but it's not my favorite. My hands cramp up often and I have to stop playing for an hour or so which becomes a bother. The analog nub is just so little and the buttons feel kinda mashed together. It is better then playing Days on the DS though.
  14. teardrop

    Birth by Sleep Consensus.

    I gave BBS an Impressive, but I was in between Impressive and Great. A lot of things were done right in BBS, but there were things done wrong, too. Good points were gameplay, story, and graphics. The Command Deck is absolutely fantastic. The story had me caring about the characters. And the...
  15. teardrop

    underpopulated worlds

    Yeah, I've noticed how underpopulated the worlds are. I don't think it would take all that much to put in a NPC here and there to make a bit more life like. Traverse Town had some life to it with the few stray people wandering around.
  16. teardrop

    ESRB Rating & Summary

    Oh wow, that was unexpected. Hopefully this is a sign that the game will release sooner than we all thought. Great find.
  17. teardrop

    Cutscene voice syncro

    In the Command Board, when Ven summons his Keyblade Glider and screams "Tada!" I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard. That, and his line in Radiant Garden "You're awful, Aqua." I can't help but laugh, these lines are so freaking silly.
  18. teardrop

    re:coded is so close, it's scary.

    Re: coded is so close, it's scary. I'm hoping it will release around Christmas since I'm broke and I won't be getting it until I start working (which could be a very long way off considering I need to switch health insurances). I could live without it though since I already spoiled myself.
  19. teardrop

    Famitsu pics and info - BbS Final Mix

    Another one? They must love these kind of boss battles.
  20. teardrop

    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    I made it once and it did not taste very good. I think I did something wrong though. It was too salty and kinda bleh. I'll have to try it again.