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    Help/Support ► How should I ask the girl I like to prom?

    umm well wat i did was i pulled her out from track practice then gave her a customize bear with voice com saying "would you go to prom with me?" hope that gave u some ideas cuz it worked for me lol :D
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    PSP FM Transmitter

    im trying to find some fm transmitter so i can listen in my car. does anyone kno where i can find decent one because the ones im finding have bad ratings the price im looking around 20 bucks
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    Wireless Gaming Adapter/ PCI Video Card Help

    i need some help on wat type of wireless gaming adapter heres some that i personally picked 1: http://games.dlink.com/products/?pid=383 2: http://games.dlink.com/products/?pid=333 also im looking for a new pci video card. i kno there isnt many selection for pci video card cuz of pcie video...
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    Gaming Adapter for Ps2

    hey i been looking for some gaming adapters but idk wat r the best so could someone help me out....a link to the item would be nice
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    Gaming Router

    hey guys i need find out if this gaming router is pretty decent enough to play online games on my xbox or ps2.... http://shop2.outpost.com/product/3938668?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
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    i am planning to buy a MMORPG but idk wat to get. is there any good choices or any upcoming mmorpg thats worth playing?
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    Video Converter

    does anyone kno where i can find a converter that can covert a realplayers file to wmv
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    Wireless internet issue

    im having problem wit my internet. i have wireless internet. like anyother wireless internet u have to connect to the main router. when i connect to my own router it say connected but the internet does show. cuz someone please help me on wat i can do to fix it. thank you
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    beat seifer

    if i can remember nothing really happens once u beat all three of them 10 times. it just completes one section of ur jimmy journal
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    Sephiroth help

    the way i did it is i level up final form which gives u level 3 glide i think and basically sephiroth does the samething over and over again for me. keep at look out at the reaction button cuz if u dont press it, ur most likely to lose a lot of life. the reaction button would deflect the his...
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    Internet Gateway

    i really need someones help. see im having a problem wit my internet. everytime i get on to my internet a internet gateway pop ups which doesnt allow me to use my own internet. i try to disable it but nothin work. is there a way to remove it please let me kno asap. thank you p.s. using...
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    the cargo climb wasnt really hard at all, i didnt even used the fenrir. i still made it under 10 sec
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    samething ultima. i use a lot of magic so its the best keyblade for me
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    Did you beat the last Paradox Cup?

    its actually an easy cup. all u need is stragety. the last 10 battles were actually fun
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    Sanctuary vs Passion

    passion sounds much better even though its in japanese. but sanctuary is also good
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    Munny issue

    wheres the best place to get a lot of munny in your opinion? cuz i really need a lot of munny so i could buy some stones, gems, and shards.
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    What I Did't Like About KHII

    there are a few problems for me. 1. Organization 13: i wanted to know more about them 2. Anti-Form: i didnt really like the antiform because whenever i wanted to level up one of the forms. the anti form pop ups which i really hated. simply i didnt like anti form cuz it shows up randomly
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    who should of played roxas' voice?

    i was really impress on Jesse's voice for Roxas. but aerith was really bad
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    Limited Edition covers: which did you get?

    i got the valor form which is pretty cool but i wanted the final form but either of them is cool
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    for those who bought the special guide, who got what cover

    i got valor which is really awesome.