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    Account on Hiatus

    -sighs- Hey guys. Regrettably and unfortunately...I will not be able to continue on in the role play into Part II. Things in life, real life, have been...challenging for me. I have a few personal and more important things to attend to. As much as I hate leaving, I have to. If you care to know...
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    Unknown Nobody

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this. *raises an eyebrow* Who the heck is this Nobody? It's there. Here's a screen shot to prove it. I had my friend take a picture of it for me. There is a Nobody standing there. Sure enough. But who is it? Any guesses? And why would this be so...
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    I'm sorry you guys. I am really really sorry. I just got in huge trouble with my dad. He found out I failed my freshman year. I am putting my foot down, I am going to pass this summer school, and I am GOING to pass 9th grade. I am very sorry. Going to miss you all. I won't be able to get on for...
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    The Superior Fan Club

    The Superior Fan Club Why? Because Xemnas's Superiority pwn's all. :D That's why! If you're a fan of Xemnas, feel free to join! Because who can resist his supreme sexiness? P< Members: Twilight~Flames (Leader) blendedhearts Nelo Angelo M.o.N
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    Lighting Help?

    Hi guys. Still working on this picture. But I need a little help. There is a sunset in front of Axel. Anybody have any advice on the lighting of this picture? Click Here For Picture
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    Red Travels The Farthest **Critics Welcome** **Please NO flaming**

    Hi there. This is a picture I have been working on for about a week now. I keep tweaking it, trying to make it right. It is not finished yet. More will be added to this picture later. But I would like some advice on it. Please and thank you! Red Travels The Farthest
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    Help/Support ► Well, my dad sucks...

    What an ass.Yeah. I would tell your mom. If she's getting a divorce anyway, you might as well tell her. She is getting one FOR SURE right? Just in case she starts questioning whether she should or not (like my mom. -_-) then I would tell her that so it gives her more reason to divorce that...
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    I'd laugh right back and say, "HOMGYOU'RESORETARDEDHAHABAI."
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    Whatever. If it wasn't bad, people wouldn't sneak around to smoke it. I'm done talking to you people about this subject. It's ridiculous. I came to this forum for Kingdom Hearts. Not drug talk. I have better things to do anyway.
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    If it was okay for you...then it wouldn't be against the law now would it? Millions of people chew gum. It's harmless. That's why there isn't a law banning chewing gum. There's a reason why it's against the law. You should respect your authorities and trust them when they say it's bad.
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    Idiot. There's a reason WHY drugs are against the law. I'm guessing you do drugs as well. -___- Well no wonder.
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    Can't believe you guys are actually encouraging him to continue with it. Drugs are bad, period. Unless you like the fact that you'll die early in life, and most likely look like crap because of what the drugs are doing to go, then go right ahead. That is completely idiotic. There are other...
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    A few of my other artworks. ^_^

    Here's some others. This one below is an old picture I drew of The Org + my fan character, Xeyla before I changed her hair style. You'll probably notice that I forgot Vexen in this picture. D: I know...my bad. XD In case you can't read it, at the bottom Luxord is saying:" Go fish." and Zexion is...
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    Of Terra and Xehanort

    Mhm. *nodnod* The hair is different. But the similarities still get me. True, it was done by the same artist. Could just be coincidence.
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    Of Terra and Xehanort

    Hmmm...this actually just shot down one of my theories. I had this one theory of Terra having lost his memory, and the only thing he remembered was: Xehanort. And then he began to think of himself as Xehanort. And miraculously his hair turned silver? Haha. And I thought that because Terra's eyes...
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    Larxene-The Best Woman Fighter on Organization XIII

    LMAO!!! *laughs* That comic is great! LOL! "Keyblades aren't the only thing I have two of." Larxene and Axel: REALLY?! XDDDDDD Ah Axel. lol.
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    Hey.....a very sad thought just crossed my mind....D: What would happen if...Tetsuya Nomura...died?
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    Pssshhh. Can't stop us KH fans. Of course we'll hack, steal, and save things we probably shouldn't have yet to our hard drives. Because UNITED WE ARE TEH POWERFULZ!!! >D...*cough*
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    Anyone like Hana Kimi? :D

    I love it! I can't stop reading the manga. The other day I was at a book store with my friend and found a book filled with colored pictures from the manga! They were beautiful! And in the back it came with stickers! Haha, it was funny. Someone had taken a Sano (Izumi) sticker because I noticed...
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    Twilight Town's Time Period/Era

    I wouldn't really care what era it looks like it's from. I love Twilight Town so much. So peaceful. And I love the colors of it. Those pretty warm colors~>w< And that beautiful sunset. But as for an era, it looks like it would be a quiet town in the present. *nodnod*