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  1. Leopardess

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union X enters its final chapter

    Yeah, I wouldn't be at all upset to see Khux gone.
  2. Leopardess

    What happened to YouTube Khux support?

    I fully understand YouTubers and the whole monetized incentive to create and post content that garners more interest, subscribers etc., but it was so nice to follow Smelly Octopus when any new medal came out and he offered up details and pretty much helped many of us decide whether to pull or...
  3. Leopardess

    What happened to YouTube Khux support?

    So, where are all the YouTubers that used to post videos on aspects of the Khux game? Smelly Octopus, why has he abandoned the game and those of us still playing? All the former YouTube producers are gone. Where can one find the latest on medals, whether the medal is worth the pull, constructive...
  4. Leopardess

    How soon will the UX end?

    I think at some point, I'll be dropping out of this messy mobile gacha game. Seems like the Dark Roads addition is another wallet grab but with cards. No thanks.
  5. Leopardess

    12/19 Union χ JP Update: Version 3.5.0, Point Draw

    Hmm, no notice for SENA updates at all, or did I miss it? Do we get the same update as Japan?
  6. Leopardess

    8/29 Union χ JP Update: 4th Anniversary

    Thank you for keeping us updated on the Japan updates. We can usually depend on most of the same updates for Global. Appreciate all you do.
  7. Leopardess

    8/29 Union χ JP Update: 4th Anniversary

    Love the female avatar outfit! Just the hairdo alone is worth it! Ha. Hope we get these in Global. BTW, what happened to the English updates?
  8. Leopardess

    April 29th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    It's entirely SE and Bitgroove that I'm putting the blame on, per my post. Those players that spend all those hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the game will always be there. But it is totally like gambling. Once the game is gone, servers unplugged, you have nothing. No access to...
  9. Leopardess

    April 29th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    While I agree that games, films, etc. are all pure entertainment, a gacha game, and in particular, the exceedingly greedy Khux thrives on addicting you to spending money in order to get ahead. Other games, specifically console games, do not work that way. Mobile games and even some PC games are...
  10. Leopardess

    April 29th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    Judging by the medals I see in PvP, there is astronomical money being spent on this game. Astronomical. Players are spending hundreds, if not thousands, on medals. Multiple medals, just to feed an ego and stay on top of a meaningless game. I mean, really, what does it get you? Some pixel medals...
  11. Leopardess

    April 29th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    Well, I'm certainly not rich or a prick. I work hard for my money. I only get VIPs when it's something good that will benefit me. Not for medals. The VIP medals suck. But a once in a while splurge is okay for me.
  12. Leopardess

    April 29th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    Well, that is a great VIP week, I must say. Gotta wait all the way to Friday and pay day to get it. Ouch.
  13. Leopardess

    April 26th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    To add insult to injury, the 9* Meow Wows are impossible to roll for me. I have at least half a dozen great medals waiting, but not able to evolve into SN+ because I can't get enough 9* Meow Wows. I can't place well enough in PvP because PvP is a slaughterhouse without MonSora, and the PVE only...
  14. Leopardess

    April 26th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    I absolutely love Aqua, and collect all her medals in Khux. The Anti Aqua medal is gorgeous. I so wanted it. I had bought VIP, so pulled 5 times, 15,000 jewels. What did I get? Another freaking Xion. I already have Xion and barely use her. This "1 of 3 medals" is pure crap and another way for SE...
  15. Leopardess

    4/26 Union χ JP Updates: <SB> KHIII Anti-Aqua

    So they continue with this stupid and unfair "one of three" medals. Damn it, I want my pulls to go toward the Aqua medal, not the other two. This is a freaking, money sucking sham! Enough of this!
  16. Leopardess

    April 19th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    At this rate, it will be Christmas or next Anniversary before we are caught up!! Puhleeze, stop being so cruel to Global.
  17. Leopardess

    4/4 Union χ JP Updates: Content Updates

    Well, currently, I can't experience the fun because I am locked out of updating my game account. There is no update in the Apple store. Zero. I can't even get in the game to send a complaint ticket!
  18. Leopardess

    ✨Radiant Hearts✨ recruiting currently 302nd

    Danny, what Union are you?
  19. Leopardess

    3/28 Union χ JP Update: Version 3.2.0, Ticket Draws

    Thanks bunches for letting me know. I mistakenly thought it was something that Global already had. My apologies.