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  1. Trag

    Help/Support ► Want tech help? Here's some information to provide us, so we don't have to ask.

    buy an older thinkpad or a chromebook, you don't need anything over 300$.
  2. Trag

    Requesting a signature

    imgur: the simple image sharer I would love it if someone would put this into signature format for me, I think it would make my day.
  3. Trag

    Trag's Sketches

    this one's my first ever watercolor painting and i was happy with it c: personally i really like what i did here but i wish it had gone a little differently mr freeman I'll be posting more every week or so to just keep track of my progress here. EDIT: THEY ARE SO BIG AHHH I WILL FIX THIS
  4. Trag

    Natural Selection II

    Originally a brilliant mod for Half Life 1, Natural Selection became one of the more popular games to spawn from the series, much like Team Fortress and Counter Strike. Now the team has recently released it's sequel, and it couldn't have come at a better time. It's 9.99 on steam right now...
  5. Trag

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Who has it? Who plans to get it? :D I'm hoping we can get a khi game going. I've only played a few rounds but it's great so far.
  6. Trag

    Help/Support ► Windows Live Messenger 2009

    Hook yourself up with Pidgin
  7. Trag

    Game Design

    So many of us play video games daily. I know that there are some of us who also enjoy creating the games we play, so what are you guys working on? Any projects you'd like to share? This is a thread for discussing our goals, progress, and current projects. I'm working on a project with a few...
  8. Trag

    Guild Wars 2

    After pre-ordering the collectors edition, I realized I haven't made a thread about Guild Wars here. Resolved! Who here is going to try it out? Anyone excited for classes? Here's the site for anyone interested: Guild Wars 2
  9. Trag

    Help/Support ► Oh boy....

    fuck what your mom says lol, go hang out with your girlfriend
  10. Trag

    Help/Support ► halp

    My dad called me this morning, asked me to come home and I did. Talked it over, and it would have been shitty to drop myself on someone elses family. Thanks for you guys advice. Getting my own place wouldn't be a real option, I don't have a job right now and have no money saved up ;/ As for...
  11. Trag

    Help/Support ► halp

    The last five or six months or so of my life have been incredibly confusing. Not hard, confusing. I'm looking for some guidance possibly from people who have been in a similar situation. At the beginning of the summer, I made the mistake of proposing to my 16 year old girlfriend XD She...
  12. Trag

    Help/Support ► Some form of tourette syndrome?

    tourettes is comprised of a verbal and physical tic. for example, i clear my throat and make a small grunting noise, as well as click my jaw and tilt my head. You might just have a tic.
  13. Trag

    King Arthur's Gold [KAG]

    King Arthur's Gold is a lot like Terraria, except it isn't. It's a strategy game, and the point is to capture the other teams flag. The game play is fun and challenging, and it's a relatively small file to download. At the very least, it's worth trying. copy/pasted screenshot from site:
  14. Trag

    i woke up this morning...

    and I realized I was Jesus Christ : /
  15. Trag

    Help/Support ► The Straight/Heterosexual/Not Gay Help and Support Thread (v1)

    my girlfriend and i were watching spirited away and i fed her fruit is this manly?
  16. Trag

    Help/Support ► The Straight/Heterosexual/Not Gay Help and Support Thread (v1)

    ;-; i just want to live in a world where people act like people and i don't have to be scared to show my hetero side
  17. Trag

    Help/Support ► The Straight/Heterosexual/Not Gay Help and Support Thread (v1)

    i have a girlfriend now so i have proof i am not gay also here's a picture of a cute asian girl
  18. Trag

    Help/Support ► The Straight/Heterosexual/Not Gay Help and Support Thread (v1)

    i can't seem to see the difference between straight and hetero but whatevs <3 (no homo)