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    Mystery Location

    Maybe it's the Nightmare world Yoko Shimomura mentioned in her interview? Edit: Or she could be talking about Nightmare Before Chirstmas.. Idk.
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    14th member seems pointless; spoilers

    I really don't like Xion. Really. She's like ripped of from some fanfiction! Keyblade, great relationship to Roxas and Axel, even Riku. All we really need, is that her element would be something as original as darkness. I really hope, that the game itself proves me wrong and shows some...
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    Most powerfull deck

    Using only sleights cause a big loss of cards for the next rounds. Some friends of mine use only sleights (at random) and when it's too late, realise they are running out of cards. They never learn. I prefer to have a lot more 0 cards than sleights..
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    Most powerfull deck

    I don't have any spesific deck, I rather keep customising them for different fights. (I've played the orginal, not the PS2 ver) Usually I have cards for the Holy, curing cards in the beginning of the deck and somewhere inthe middle and end. Rest of the cards are mostly 0 and 7-9 keyblade cards.
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    Kingdom Hearts II manga cover vol. 4

    Oh gosh what happened to Soras face? Good find!
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    I'm still here only to defend my theory (and make more guesses of bamak's theory), which you labeled as impossible. That the conversation turned into spam is not 100% my fault. I didn't talk to myself here. Bamak: So, we have keyblade, two persons from BtVS, and an anti-Kairi picture.. Xion is...
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    Argument is better than a useless fight. It holds reasons. I have no intention to spam, or start a fight. I hope you understand that. I meant no harm when I said you have no imagination. I probably should say it more like, that you don't seem to take new ideas as any possibility. You rather...
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    Fine with me. But one thing I just have to disagree, sorry for not leaving you alone: Criticism, well thought one, is something that helps people improve their ideas, creations and skills. You can''t see every mistake if you don't have others to help. Thats why people discuss about the...
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    You either have no imagination or you get bored easily.
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    Keychain was cheaply made from the lucky charm, which hold pecial meaning, since it was tied to a promise. Also, I'm sure Sora had plenty of memories of Kairi, so why not "I wanted to go in search of new world with her"-, "She was found on the shore"- and "We had fun at the secret cavern drawing...
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    I'm talking about this theory here. If Sora would have to slay Xion, I guess we should have seen it already... Oathkeeper? Promises, memories etc. It was an example. If keyblades are not made from promises, then you might want to tell me how they are made? An oversized key coming from thin air...
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    If it has been implied that "slayn" has something to do with Xions indentity, please quote for me? Since nobodies were people? Keyblades have been created from promises and things like that, and it has plenty of shapes. In the end, KH is not reality, its imagination, theres no real rules =...
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    Well excuse me : ,D If you didn't understand what I was trying to say: Obvlion keyblade somehow turned into Xion, or something like that. It's just a a guess.
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    Xion is a new form for Oblivion keyblade? :,D
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    The "Key" to Xion's identity

    The "Key", keyblade? Sora killed a (female)vampire at Halloweentown with his keyblade? You can probably tell that I know nothing about Buffy the Vampire Slayer..
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    Complete English cutscene collection.

    Thank you so much! I've been wondering why no one was sharing these. No one thinks about the gamers who live outside of America .___.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Kairi wielding a keyblade... Plus the fact the areas to explore.. it was just running trough... Stupid invisible walls.
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    Hetalia Axis Powers

    I'm surprised I didn't find any thread on this. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hetalia Axia Powers is Himaruya's online manga series (and also anime next year), which indeed, tells about countries and their history. Its not a history lesson though. Big difference is, that countries have turned into...
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    Snow Queens Dance

    I wanted snow. I wanted winter. So I drew her: WIP Snow Queen by ~Hai-kara on deviantART Comments, suggestions, anything? Also, I'm wondering what I should do for the background. I was thinking of some winter-themed creatsure (no snowyet thnxbai), like reindeer, and somw wintery background...
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    (Spoilers) Translated Novel Chapter 'Last Minutes to the Castle Oblivion'

    Vexen is not a new member, he's one of the originals. And maybe he just likes everything over sized. Or he shrunk after some experiment. Thanks for translations~