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  1. Axdyn

    Heyo'. The name's Axdyn, though my old SN here was A.J., ring any bells...Anyone? owo?

    ~AN OLD CHALLENGER APPROACHES!~ Whoa, this place turned into Castle Oblivion since I was last here. owo Well, color-wise anyway or maybe that's just a default setting. *shrug* I think the last time I was here was around 2007-2008...I think. I was A.J. , now my SN's been changed to Axdyn...
  2. Axdyn

    :IT'S A MAD MAD WORLD~ The Axdyn Show!: {I used to be A.J.}

    <<Music: Trophy Gallery / Super Smash Bros. Brawl>>> Axdyn: HEEEY YOOOUUU GUUUUYSSSS!!!!! ...*coughs* Ahem. Couldn't help myself. Ten points to the person who gets the reference. Onto my point...If I even have one...Oh, yeah, I do. I've returned from my Crusade for ideas that I left for...
  3. Axdyn

    STAR WARS: Tales of The Galaxy Far Far Away

    Andy Attacks Inc. Presents... INTRO MUSIC >>> Info: Short, I know, but there's only so much I can do with MS Paint. XP As my friend Ultima Keyblade pointed out, my stuff is short and to the point. Anyway, this RP follows a group of Spacers as they make a living and try to survive...
  4. Axdyn

    Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

    Thanks. ^_^ I really try to get accurate with stuff like that. Though I designed the last set of Armor. :P So I had a field day with that one. XP
  5. Axdyn

    Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

    Thanks. ^_^ Oh, I've also been working on character sheet-ish things to show the appearance of the characters in the RP...I haven't gotten to Tsukaya or the Clones in Irvine's Company yet, but I have the appearances of Irvine and the Droid Trio. ^_^ Here they are: Irvine (The Armor he's...
  6. Axdyn

    Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

    Hehe, thanks. ^_^ This'll be the last part for now. I had to go, like a week without my meds for my back (I've got some nasty back problems), so I'm feelin' a bit 'off'. So I'll wait to type the next part. The better I feel, the better my writing turns out. :P
  7. Axdyn

    Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

    I know, just gotta wait 'till she's on. :P >>> Journal of a Guardian Chapter 2: The Clone Wars <<Part 1 of 3>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Truthfully, I don't remember...
  8. Axdyn

    Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

    Thankiesh Ulti-Chan. ^_^ Yeah, not many people know it, but I'm actually a fairly gewd writer, and sometimes poet. :P That's exactly what I was going for, just like how the Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries went. :3 Not planning on redoing it. I like how it turned out, and as my Dad used to...
  9. Axdyn

    Collab/ S.S.B. Memory Data Coliseum (Working Title)

    Yeah yeah, I know I haven't been around for a while. XP Anyway, I had a bit of a new idea for a fighting / challenge sort of RP. It dawned on me after watching people play Super Smash Bros. Brawl on a youtube vid, I noticed, like, actually looked at the damage percent sign things for each...
  10. Axdyn

    Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

    Thanks. :3 Actually, if ya' look up 'The Great Jedi Purge' on Wookieepedia, there's over a dozen or more who manage to escape the Jedi Purge. But neither of those two options are gonna happen in the fic...You'll just have to wait and see. But rest assured, something interesting will happen...
  11. Axdyn

    Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

    Intro Music: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/5323/starwars.mid ... >>> >>>>>> >>>>>>>>>PART 1 OF 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aboard a Republic Assault Ship headed for Geonosis~* Alpha 7 sat aboard a Republic LAAT, awaiting deployment to Geonosis' surface... Out of all...
  12. Axdyn


    *~On the Outskirts of the Realities~* Axdyn: *turns to the computer screen* Oh, hey there...Wonderin' what I'm doing here, huh? Well, I'm not terribly sure yet really...I don't feel like making a major RP currently.. So here, I have opened up a club of sorts. A club that connects to any...
  13. Axdyn

    Marvel~Anime Team-Up!: Spiderman & the Fantastic Four, and Fullmetal Alchemist

    ( Yes, it's me...Decided I'd try and give this place another go, for my friends that are still here. Please, no n00bs...For the sake of jebus, please, no n00bs! ) Marvel~Anime Team-Up! Spiderman and the Fantastic Four / Fullmetal Alchemist *~The Baxter Building, New York City~* It was an...
  14. Axdyn

    Request: Action Replay Codes For Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS2)

    Okay, as most of you may or may not know, on the current version of Action Replay, for the PS2...You only get 3 default codes already on the thing. :bored: The default codes are as follows : -Infinite Jetpack -Infinite Energy -No Reload I'm looking for codes that ARE NOT those three...
  15. Axdyn

    I HAVE RETURNED!!! (I used to be A.J.)

    I have returned, and ousted the wamprat who thought he could get away with using my old account! Dark Knight is now being used as target practice for my team of Clone Troopers. >D Who might I be, you ask? (as if the title of this thread didn't give it away) I USED TO BE A.J.! Winner of...