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  1. Sakide

    Roxas' Voice Actor

    You do raise a good point. Maybe I should've looked up when the voice actor was born after all. If it's from like 15 to 19, then I guess such a change seems only natural. - Still, when I find a way to somewhat logically include things as these into the lore, I do that. :D *continues watching...
  2. Sakide

    Roxas' Voice Actor

    Yes, that's what I noticed about the music too. My actual point is that Roxas sounds much younger in Kingdom Hearts II. ^_^ Maybe it might also be to show that he is more "depressed" and vulnerable compared to 358/2 Days? I mean, he kinda lost his memories, at least that's what I think after...
  3. Sakide

    Roxas' Voice Actor

    So, here I'd like to talk a bit about the Japanese voice actor of Roxas, Kōki Uchiyama. He supposedly voiced Roxas in all KH games, including II and 358/2 Days. Yet in 358/2 Days, he sounds completely different. Here's a scene from 358/2 Days. When comparing the same scene as it appears in...
  4. Sakide

    It's Here At Last

    Ohh yass... Finally my HD II.5 ReMIX + 358/2 Days + Re:coded import arrived. Time to continue playing. Two months waiting I have been. :3 (Just look at this beauty, would you?) 1.5 ReMIX is from earlier. Now the series is complete! (At least until HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue is released.)...
  5. Sakide

    Japanese New 3DS LL / Step Down Converter?

    Hi! I want to buy a Japanese Nintendo New 3DS LL from NinNinGame. It says that a step down converter is required for countries with a voltage of 240V. I'm in Germany, which runs on 230V. Does this affect me too? I'm using this particular product to charge my European 3DS XL / New 3DS XL...
  6. Sakide

    Update the game? / Re-install?

    Hello. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ for some time. I've downloaded the installation file from an APK download site. Now there is a new update and it won't let me play until I get it. Of course, I can't update it via the PlayStore because of region restrictions. Could I simply...
  7. Sakide

    Frame rate issues

    Hello. Whenever I'm on a Quest in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, I have an extreme drop in framerate. This is basically always when I'm walking around (except for some "sweet spots" at the border of the map where it runs smoothly), and sometimes a small fps drop in cutscenes, although mostly it is...
  8. Sakide

    Forcing myself through Reverse/Rebirth...

    I was actually having quite a hard time playing as Sora in Re:CoM. Not having played the original Chain of Memories, there was quite a learning curve I had to overcome. Then I ruined my deck completely by turning all my strong Attack Cards into Premium Cards, without knowing that I can't reload...
  9. Sakide

    What the heck am I supposed to do?

    Wonderland was my 2nd floor world as well. It's definitely doable. And I suck at Re:Chain of Memories' combat. I recommend trying to dodge every attack of the Trickmaster since his attacks are quite easy to dodge. Thus you don't have to counter all his attacks. The table in the middle of the...
  10. Sakide

    Collecting cards after clearing the game??

    What did I ever do to be ignored like that? lol
  11. Sakide

    JP and EU editions compatible in Mission Mode?

    Hello. Can I play with my friend in Mission Mode if he owns a European copy of 358/2 Days and I have the Japanese version?
  12. Sakide

    Collecting cards after clearing the game??

    Hello. So, apparently in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories you get some special cards if you do certain things like completing Sora's or Riku's journal. I think I read somewhere that watching all 358/2 Days cutscenes also gives you new cards. So I'm blatantly asking: What's the point of that...
  13. Sakide

    How did Ansem know about the Princesses of Heart? (Ansem Report)

    But it's hard to let it go. :/
  14. Sakide

    How did Ansem know about the Princesses of Heart? (Ansem Report)

    なすべきことは決まっている。 鍵となるキーブレードを持つ者を探し出し、そしてプリンセスたちを…。 I have decided on what I should do. I need to find the one who owns the key that is the Keyblade, and also the Princesses... ~ Ansem Report 9 Where did Ansem know about the existence of the Princesses of Heart? They weren't mentioned before in...
  15. Sakide

    Greatly improved attack stat, but no visible change?

    I am hereby bumping this thread.
  16. Sakide

    Greatly improved attack stat, but no visible change?

    Hello! So, let me tell you a story. Yesterday in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, I was grinding my way up to level 100 in that lovely hotel grinding spot in Traverse Town. When I hit something around level 80, I suddenly realized I was able to one-hit the Search Ghosts and Dark Balls, and now only...
  17. Sakide

    Difference between Kingdom Hearts χ and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ?

    What are the main differences between these two games? From what I've read, Unchained χ seems to be a port of χ to iOS and Android, but seems to be a little different story- and gameplay-wise. The German Kingdom Hearts Wiki says: "This game [Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ] is a remake of Kingdom...
  18. Sakide

    Another PS4-exclusive title! KH 2.8.Its always got to be next-gens

    I've had and still gonna have quite some fun with the ReMIXes on my PS3, as well as with The Last of Us, and I'm sure I'm gonna have the same fun with 2.8 and KHIII as well as many other games on PS4. :3
  19. Sakide

    Why all the panic about the End of the World Bambi drop?

    Hello. From what I've read, some players seem to be quite hysterical about that Lv3 Bambi drop at End of the World in Kingdom Hearts. "Make sure you summon Bambi at that specific spot, this is your only chance to get him to Lv3 in this world!" I mean, why is that so important? It's not like he...
  20. Sakide

    Mythril Stone Required for Ultima Weapon?

    Thanks! I thought it was a one-time encounter.