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    Xion Theory!! POSSIBLE TRUTH

    Only Organization members use roman anagrams. Namine is not an Organization member.
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    Nomura said that the FF characters are merely 'guests' in the KH universe - that is, in the sense that they are there and they have a minor impact on the story, but only a very slight impact. The main focus of the games was Sora's story and his journeys, and as for BBS, as it's almost entirely...
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    Dive into the Heart?

    There's a lot of confusion due to some poor planning on Nomura's part. In KH, Nomura explains that the Keyblade ITSELF chose Riku then went to Sora. We now know it was Terra who chose for Riku to be the next Keyblade wielder. So, we can only assume it was both things. The best explanation I...
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    Xion Theory!! POSSIBLE TRUTH

    You're right. NOMURA didn't say it; DiZ did. wat It was stated several times in CoM and KHII that Namine has the power to manipulate Sora's memories and, in effect, everyone connected with him. Kairi was connected to him, and she forgot him as everyone else did when Namine messed with his...
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    .................................................. Ienzo, Braig, Even, Dilan, and Elaeus.
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    My best Unbirth theory yet.

    Not a bad theory, but I have problems with it. Mainly, if Unborn were the hearts that have yet to be born, then they simply wouldn't exist. I believe that the Unborn are tied to the soul, as the Heartless are tied to the heart and the Nobodies to the body. I quote Ansem: "The three elements...
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    BBS Olimpus Coliseum -and others-

    Really, nobody can be sure time moves at the same rate, even look at what Nomura said in one of his interviews: "..hmm, it(Birth by Sleep) seems to be in the past, but it could also be in the future, couldn't it?..."
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    BBS Olimpus Coliseum -and others-

    Nobody said time progresses at the same rate on every world.
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    A Detailed Look and Analysis of MX's Power..

    I think I've stated it on these forums before, but I personally think the Dark Soldier is the Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts I and II(in one of Ansem's reports, he states that he found Xehanort in bad health and with no memory - therefore he took the only name he could think of, 'Xehanort')...
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    BBS New Enemies

    The creation of the Heartless is ten years after BBS, so the ending would need to be somewhere close to the beginning of KH1. And Gnomes? That no is bueno.
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    Small thought/Theory

    Uh.. what "huge thing"? aadadasdada.
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    Aqua being neglected?

    No, he said "It's been a ling time - my "friend"". The quotes are important, they mark sarcasm.
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    Out of the 5 Worlds we know for BBS which are you most excited for?

    Sleeping beauty The eccentric and otherworldy feel of those ominous thorns creeping over every square inch of the world makes it a truly exciting experience.
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    Aqua/Nomura Interview - Birth by Sleep

    I didn't think of the third scenario to be Mickey.. actually, that'd be pretty sweet.
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    Birth By Sleep

    "Awakening(Destati)" Is a theme in the game, and I think it plays an important role here. Remember all the way back to the very beginning of KH1, when Sora runs through the Awakening stage, only to abruptly wake up as if it were a dream? He was a sleeping, and at the same time, he was being...
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    Some fun with photoshop

    Nigra? What's wrong with that? It's not like he said the other word. The other word being Hot Pockets.
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    DS theory

    I literally posted the same theory a few hours ago, great minds do think alike! I do think it's true that the DS is Xehanort and maybe he lost his memories. I mean, Xehanort is known to take people's identities, after all.
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    Wierd Language

    I don't know if you guys noticed this, but in KH1 and KH2, if you look at buildings they will often have neon signs with strange letters on them. In Twilight Town, almost everything in the world is written in this strange language, and the same is true for TWTNW and Traverse Town. However, the...
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    BBS Graphics...

    They definitely aren't AS good as the PS2 graphics, but they are spectacular in their own right.
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    My theory about the new enemies

    Hmm.. a little. I am still not convinced that it comprises both body and soul. But I'll leave it be for now.