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  1. anime10121

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    I was already lvl 50 when I started and I never had to grind once.... The only time I even died and had to use a charm was on the final boss (died/revived like 3-4 times on it iirc) Rest of the game is pure cake though. I had almost 2million BP to start with tho so I did buy all of the new...
  2. anime10121

    Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Released in Japan!

    Now for someone to release that new secret movie :V Get on it Japan :P
  3. anime10121

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Debut Trailer!

    Its not that she had one day to compose the songs, they just had one day with the actual orchestra to RECORD them :)
  4. anime10121

    Editorial ► KHInsider Reviews: Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Japan Import

    Re: KHInsider Reviews: Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- @King Chaser Hey, just to let you know, the additions in KH1FM and KHBBSFM arent anywhere near what was put in KH2FM, so at least we can look forward to seeing those additions in the inevitable KH2.5HDR :D Also it kinda sucks to hear about...
  5. anime10121

    Completion Times

    Proud mode 27 hours, but including the MANY times I died during the final bosses about 30-32 hours! My Sora lvl 38 My Riku lvl 40 This was the first time I'd ever had difficulty with the final bosses in any KH and I enjoyed getting my butt handed to me :P currently debating whether I wanna...
  6. anime10121

    North American KH 3D Commercials

    Wow! You are absolutely correct, you can even hear a snippet of "Treasured Memories" playing in the background. Dont know HOW I got that mixed up, especially considering I just beat KH2FM again Sunday! I am a disappointment to the KH fanbase and must now commit seppuku :( jk, but still dont...
  7. anime10121

    North American KH 3D Commercials

    Is it just me, or does that sound like Billy Zane's Ansem as he yells "KIIIIINGDOM HEEEEEAAAAAAAARTS!!! Fill me, with the power of Darkness!" At the end of the first game :P
  8. anime10121

    KHInsider interviews Ben Diskin! - He's played KH 1 and 2 already!

    Re: KHInsider interviews Ben Diskin! Love your avatar! Sailor Moon is awesome :D On Topic: Cant think of any question that hasnt been posted already, so I'll just say that I cant wait for the interview:) You guys at KHInsider are at the top of the line at delivering KH news/interviews :)
  9. anime10121

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Official Launch Event Announced!

    Man why couldnt I have been born closer to NY :(? they get ALL the fun!
  10. anime10121

    IGN Interviews Tai Yasue: The Making of KH3D

    True, lucky enough I avoided that incident, think I'm just gonna start avoiding that site in general now.
  11. anime10121

    IGN Interviews Tai Yasue: The Making of KH3D

    Read on IGN, didnt warn of spoilers, WHY THE HECK WOULD YASUE SAY THAT and even worse, IGN prints it online for everybody to see before the game even comes out. Thankfully you guys say its not a major spoiler, but thats still incredibly stupid. Wanted to go in clean and now I have information...
  12. anime10121

    KH3D Will Not Be Released Digitally!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts DDD Digital release They are stored on your SD card but even still the games are tied to the one 3DS they were downloaded on, so even if you insert the card in another 3DS you cannot play the game.
  13. anime10121

    KH3D Will Not Be Released Digitally!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts DDD Digital release I know, I get that, what I'm saying is why go to a store and buy a card with a code when you still have to be at home to download it, when you could just buy it at home on the eshop, and download it without ever leaving the house. That I can understand...
  14. anime10121

    KH3D Will Not Be Released Digitally!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts DDD Digital release Never really understood that though, isnt that kind of defeating the purpose of the whole ease of download game thing. I mean whats the point in going to the store, buying the card, having to input code, and then downloading the game when you can just...
  15. anime10121

    KH3D Will Not Be Released Digitally!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts DDD Digital release Sticking with the retail version. I need MAH box/book/cartridge!!! Although its good that they have an alternative for those that like digital titles:P
  16. anime10121

    North American KH3D Site Update!

    I meant the general feel of the sites and at least the music staying the same. If I remember correctly KH1&2's sites were exactly the same as the Japanese site but for some reason SENA (and only SENA) has decided to replace the original KH website with 3D and II's has been lost to the...
  17. anime10121

    North American KH3D Site Update!

    Looks rather lackluster to me, I mean it fits in with the new Square Enix site redesign philosophy and all, but compared to previous sites where they just copied the Japanese site and made it English, this is rather disappointing :(
  18. anime10121

    KH3D Screenshots + Voice Actor Confirmations!

    Every.Voice.Actor.That.Mattered:P Yes! I am so glad that all the major important characters seem to be returning. Hopefully they can get KH3 out before they have to change up major roles. Its the only thing I fear, that by the time KH3 actually closes out Xehanort's Saga, that most of the...
  19. anime10121

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced AMAZON! AMAZON! AMAZON (put this up please and thankyou) :P
  20. anime10121

    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    Bout FREKIN TIME!!! I am excite!