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  1. Sakulily

    How old are the characters in Birth by Sleep?

    I assume Ventus is 15, as like Lea and Isa. Terra around early 20s, and Aqua around 19 - early 20s.
  2. Sakulily

    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: Axel--Seven Days Game Novel translation *bookmarks this thread* Gonna' read this sometime soon, thank you for this! ^_^
  3. Sakulily

    KH3D OST

    They'll do a good job, I know they will. The music always impresses me -- I like the remixes too.
  4. Sakulily

    What features do you want in BBS, v.2?

    I liked the option to be able to replay previous worlds/bosses in Re:coded, so it'd be nice if they included that in the new game.
  5. Sakulily

    Fatal Flawless Trophy

    I'm very sure I did this too (also in Traverse Town) but I didn't recieve a Trophy. :/
  6. Sakulily

    Can someone explain this for me??

    I have ideas maybe why they have gone back to their kh1 forms, I thought at first due to "Dream" in the title that it may link with an actual dream. But that wouldn't really make that much sense. Other than that maybe they've gone back in the journal data again, as Re:coded did. But noone knows...
  7. Sakulily

    Sora vs. Aqua

    Sora for the fact that he was the first hero in Kingdom hearts, regardless that Aqua is infact one of the first heroes over the whole series time period, Sora was the first introduced to us, therefore he OFCOURSE gets my vote. No doubt about it.
  8. Sakulily

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    I've heard a lot of male fans talk about her, only a few female fans. I really like Aqua too although I wouldn't class her as a top favourite. But I don't ever recall ever hearing people talking about her boobs, her tube socks are usually the main attraction ;D
  9. Sakulily

    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    Ever since BBS I thought the idea of Vanitas coming back and somehow taking over Sora's body would be great! But I don't know.. just the idea of an evil chuckling Sora amuses me. Which is why I probably like Vanitas so much, I just hope we haven't seen the complete end of him..
  10. Sakulily

    YYEEESS!!!!!! Its a good game!

    I agree with how it is much better than expected, but in my opinion it's not as great as BBS. Nowhere near actually although Re:coded is a fun, entertaining and good game, it just doesn't beat BBS for me. I'd say it's my least favourite of the series that I've played (I haven't played CoM) but...
  11. Sakulily

    Play at Night..WTF?!!

    Heh, I thought the exact same thing when it came up for me. Fortunately enough for me I was actually playing at night and so I went for 50% and then right as I got into the sector I starting thinking to myself "Crap, what if it had something to do with the game?" but it didn't. It's as basic as...
  12. Sakulily

    Tales Of The Eliminator

    I don't think I ever died by an Eliminator, I think I got away everytime by running/dodgerolling away when I was at a low level. At first when it popped up I would actually sort of panic especially when I couldn't find the exit to clear the sector and it kept poofing up near me. xD But once I...
  13. Sakulily

    Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.

    At first I was hyped to have it, played it and didn't really get that into it until I nearly reached about half way, then I couldn't stop playing it. Since then I went back and replayed again and now I'm working on obtaining the SE and reaching 100%. I'm only on 86% at the moment though, so...
  14. Sakulily

    Did anyone else think that Xemnas was the most boring boss in the whole series?

    Come to think of it I haven't been disappointed with any of the bosses. I wish some of them put up a bigger challenge (I agree there) but they've all been enjoyable, even after first and second time. But ofcourse facing Xemnas after the first time doesn't have the same feeling, it's just not as...
  15. Sakulily

    Is anyone getting bored of BBS?

    No, not AT ALL. I don't play it everyday like I used to back in September but I still go on it quite often and I haven't got bored of it.
  16. Sakulily

    What do you Think about Xion?

    She doesn't have a vast importance but being a part of Sora, who is THE importance to Kingdom Hearts, I'd say that creates her some importance. Just like Roxas has an importance too, but that's just the way I see it. All those that are connected to Sora all have the same value.. but, I'm a big...
  17. Sakulily

    What do you Think about Xion?

    But you realise that the staff also made the game WANTING you to enjoy the game, which you did. Therefore you're giving into what the staff wanted by just playing the game. They didn't create her to be hated or loved, they created her for a reason. Because she has an importance to Kingdom Hearts...
  18. Sakulily

    What do you Think about Xion?

    I love.. no wait ADORE Xion! Actually Xion was confused herself about this whole matter with Sora and I believe that she was somewhat jealous of Roxas.. wishing she could be like him. Not in spite but she simply misunderstood and felt less important. She distanced herself and found it...
  19. Sakulily

    Level Grinding

    Just keep going to the Mirage Arena. Repeat bosses there if you have to. Oh and Neverland is another of the best places to go to get EXP from Unversed.
  20. Sakulily

    Which character are you best with?

    I liked playing as Ventus best on a whole. But I think I played best as Aqua, her bosses seemed to be easier to beat.