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    "Red Eyes" in BbS Final Mix

    hmm... there is only one creature in the KH series that had red eyes: Unversed
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    UnisonRush and Voltage Stack

    so far, i have tried trinity limit... and for the record, the power did went out threefold! hehe so have anyone tried it yet? i have already did a new play for this, this is so awesome, though the bots dnt speak while in the limit, that sucks.. :/
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    UnisonRush and Voltage Stack

    we are all familiar with the trinity armor easter egg, when you do trinity limit, Bots TAV will join the command.. but has anyone tried unison rush and voltage stack while fighting trinity armor? will the bots join the fun as well? s1ilikelizards
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    sonic impact

    thats sonic blade.. i forgot where it was.... i think in disney town or something
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    -eye twitch- Whoever invented Ice Cream Beat needs to be shot.

    ya aeious? i lurve ice cream beat..."
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    [video]The misterious figure video vs ven

    anyone noticed the MF can do attacks TAV and sor can? like megaflare, tornado/whirlwind to the void, soul release, raging storm,stopga, sonic shadow, meteor, and stuff? lol its is so cool to have a boss that can do attacks you can..:)s1ilikelizards
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    [video]The misterious figure video vs ven

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Mysterious Enemy goddamn...o.O EDIT: NOW THAT IS A BOSS! o.O
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    New Keyblade - time travel?

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Mysterious Figure timetraveLL? just look at the keychain@! XD
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    The Narrator of the Final Trailer

    uhmno, my mom voiced him.. seriously, gee yathink?
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    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) aurora has stolen her own heart??? but how? tha
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    Question about BBS memory size

    *cough*get it on ISO*cough*
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    Could it be?

    what if the new secret boss is actually a sentiment of all members of orgXIII except roxas?? think about it, maybe the eencounter in BBS isnt canon, but its existence is, like LS vs Sora in KH2Fm.... when a relatively strong being is destroyed or defeated, they might occassionally leave behind a...
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    KH:bbs challange quest

    just try the maniac mode cheat.....it will give enemies 2x health(or more if you alter the hex ccode) 2x power, 2x resistance and 2x defence.... it is a great challenge especially on a low level...good luck...:)
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    eRAQUS keyblade and aquas?

    nah, maybe the wielder can summon and disperse his keyblade..
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    Vanitas unmasked!?!?!?!? SPOILER (obviously)

    LOL, welcome to the future kid,.... did you try on the new history??? we have a super advancedd search engine called "google", type on taht and see the magic...s1britishguy
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    Terra Vs...

    actually ME was easy even at a low level proud mode run, he IS VERY EASY TO LOOP! there that is the secret, just block his melee or sonic bllade attacks and counter, go near him, block then counter, rinse and repeat until done..XD
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    BBS: Secret Boss, Blue-Blade Xemnas theory

    i seriously think that the secret boss is fought in the mirage arena.... you can totally see why, because sonner or later in the story, LOD will dissappear
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    For those of you who've playes Birth By Sleep,

    the reason proud mode was easy beacuse nomura said that it was programmed for Japanese audiences, he said he will tweak everything to fot the American audiencedc, so this game will be harder in english...
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    New NA/EU Boss

    ju=dging from the trailer, this boss would be like Xemnas from KHFM, no voices