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  1. Sora2016

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania - Yasue Interview Translated

    I want to throw hands with whoever decided that with summons, but mostly because I wonder if that means if Sora ever meets Ralph if they will remember each other like Simba and Mushu or not? I actually liked the aesthetic of them being made of elements a lot. And it was a nice excuse to use...
  2. Sora2016

    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    Everything I have heard about this DLC from people at the Orchestra has gotten me pretty hyped. This is basically what I expected/wanted for additional content. I just Quinton's thing too. The fact he points out the proofs specifically is interesting, if anything it just cements my thoughts...
  3. Sora2016

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Everyone is Here! | December 7th 2018

    P3 and 4 music actually changing the stage is amazing, I'm not surprised but they put a lot of love into him. I think what surprised me most was the victory screen being exactly the same as in P5. They haven't quite gone that far with anyone else, but plenty do reference iconic victory poses...
  4. Sora2016

    Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, April 2019 (PS4/XB1/Steam/Switch)

    Oh gross lol, I honestly haven't rewatched the movie since it was in theaters so I forgot.
  5. Sora2016

    Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, April 2019 (PS4/XB1/Steam/Switch)

    I knoooooow, l really can't fathom why they made it the alien who dies immediately. I guess the most recent stream confirmed we are getting like actual voice acting/lines added to the game with these 3 as well? I feel like they just released the game a month too early lol. But oh well, at...
  6. Sora2016

    Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT

    Yeah I came in to ask if anyone knows if this is how they plan to package all the third outfits + fifth weapons? Cuz if so...ugh. I guess it has 4 cosmetics but, yeah I feel like its at least 5 to 10 dollars overpriced still. I would also hate if I got this and then when they finish them all...
  7. Sora2016

    News ► Wreck-It Ralph confirmed as the new Disney world coming to Kingdom Hearts Union X!

    I doubt it really confirms things either way on that front, I think they may want to utilize it more in a game that allows it to be integrated into a "regular" KH game (like one where Ralph and hopefully Vanellope could be involved in combat or something instead of just being stupid medals lol)...
  8. Sora2016

    News ► Wreck-It Ralph confirmed as the new Disney world coming to Kingdom Hearts Union X!

    "Almost three years" makes me want to cry lol. Glad to finally have it though. Really hoping they do something interesting with it (and then put it in a better game later).
  9. Sora2016

    More Disney Worlds in Union X?

    Yeah, we are only waiting on Ralph. As far as we know, that could be the final Disney world. I guess it all depends how long this goes lol.
  10. Sora2016

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Abnormality Spreads / To the Control Room

    Huh, I guess that is true. I was more interested in the fact it's one of Roxas' Keyblades and also one that focuses on Reverse/Dark medals. But the final design of the Missing Ache could have always been meant to parallel Ven's design as well. Yes please to all of this. Please let them...
  11. Sora2016

    Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, April 2019 (PS4/XB1/Steam/Switch)

    Right, I forgot that when I posted this but was reminded later lol. I was dumb and got it on PS4 tho and didn't know that it came out a week later so I still have 2 days left waiting while a ton of other people have gotten to play all week lol.
  12. Sora2016

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    I was just about to make a comment about Danganronpa going crazy with the meta for its "finale". I guess if this was a cute reference like in Toy Box itself I wouldn't dislike it. If its really important and like constantly gets mentioned tho... that sounds like it could be hit or miss.
  13. Sora2016

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Yeah like everyone said, I guess officially it wasn't meant to be explicitly romantic but you do you. I know I certainly do when it comes to SoRiku lol
  14. Sora2016

    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    I wonder if some people also find this soundtrack less memorable just because they really don't reuse themes nearly as often? It felt like almost every boss had its own theme, and the Disney world music was constantly changing as well, minus Toy Box. I mean I loved a lot of the music and still...
  15. Sora2016

    Who do you want Sora's party member(s) in Shibuya to be?

    Ugh, well yeah I wanted to say someone from TWEWY, but Nomura's comments on it in the Ultimania imply to me he is still more into OG KH characters (like Yozora) being around than actually have cameos and usages of Square characters he set up to be there lol. I guess at this point I just hope...
  16. Sora2016

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    That seems a bit extreme but you do you lol. I guess I also count 0.2 as part of this game, and that in mind, she actually was incredibly relevant compared to a lot of the other characters. Clearly she got "jobbed" but I mean, and I love Xion, but she just got kicked over by Saix and then did...
  17. Sora2016

    One thing scares me so much excitement around The Sleeping Realm Theory?

    I guess they really messed up the framing if she literally showed up on the tree at that exact moment then lol. Like I am willing to believe Kairi is fine and good now, in fact, I would prefer that over what this theory said about her. If there is one part about this theory I didn't like, its...
  18. Sora2016

    One thing scares me so much excitement around The Sleeping Realm Theory?

    I genuinely took it as they just think Kairi's fate is sealed in this worldline not that they want her out of the way for Soriku...since they literally are better developed than Kairi anyway lol. So wait, did something in the Ultimania confirm the characters ARE looking at the tree at the end...
  19. Sora2016

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Edit: So I completely forgot the opening at the Station of Awakening says "there are 7 hearts to save" basically out of nowhere. I think Nomura does mean the entire opening segment "takes place" at the end of the game....I guess the one thing I am confused on: Is the entirety of KH3 the second...
  20. Sora2016


    I mean not to stomp anyone's harmless shipping but I really don't get where it came from in the first place lol. I thought it was super obvious it was Riku doing it on Repliku's behalf since that's literally what was set up. If anything, as usual, Riku was shown to care the most for Sora this...