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  1. Hollow Light

    Is it possible

    mater what I want kh3 to be on a ps2
  2. Hollow Light

    Where its really from

    Nope, all of you are wrong. I`m not gonna say because I dont want to ruin your game Japan.
  3. Hollow Light

    Fanfiction ► X

    Omg that is so cool
  4. Hollow Light

    Saix: Yes or no?

    Hahaha lol yeah wounder how big he is >3
  5. Hollow Light

    Saix: Yes or no?

    Hells yeah Siax is super loyal. I remember when Axel fell out of place Siax put his ass right back in it. Hes the total boss and super H.O.T Highly Over temperature I was kind of sad to be rid of him tho, I just loved that weapon of his.
  6. Hollow Light

    How can Terra be Xehanort?

    No because he was answering another guys question so yeah there you go.
  7. Hollow Light

    Sora Vs. Roxas

    I also agree with you and didnt Sora already beat Roxas so yeah that closes the bid :eek:
  8. Hollow Light


    Thats Awsome^^ . To bad I can`t read Japanese then I could understand what everything says ^_^#
  9. Hollow Light

    Whats up with that?[h['\g]

    Okay I`ve always wonderd, why does King Mickey have the golden Key Blade and we have the gray Key Blade I mean sure he`s the king and all but like seriously I`m the Key Blade master here. I respect that it was used bye many great masters but Mickey has one of a kind the only one who has used it...
  10. Hollow Light

    Lets see

    compared to what i see on Kh13.com
  11. Hollow Light

    Lets see

    My bad i got a little cunfused:confused:
  12. Hollow Light

    Lets see

    Okay so all we know is that there`s a new character I forgot her name but she has a great outfit and hair and, oh never mind she`s realy pretty and she has some kind of conection to the key blade. They say she is just a tool nothing but memery for xemnas to cary out his plan or something. Axel...