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  1. Nayru's Love

    Film ► Marvel Cinematic Universe - RIP Chadwick Boseman

    Logistically, longer seasons must be taxing on actors' career trajectories, especially for shows that focus on one or two characters as opposed to an ensemble cast. In the case of Marvel TV shows, it's further complicated by the possibility of committing to future movie roles (Elizabeth Olsen...
  2. Nayru's Love

    Speculation: Three Playable Storylines in KH4?

    Moving the goalpost of Kairi's screen time has been a thing even as early as her receiving a keyblade in KH2 (also, honestly, most of the second half of KH2 was just Sora needing something to do); altogether, Nomura has had a problem of juggling more characters than he can chew at a time. Yet, I...
  3. Nayru's Love

    Speculation: Star Wars in KH4 Trailer?!

    Tatooine...I can live without. The other worlds, though, would be welcome additions, and I can only imagine what a battle on the original Death Star would look like. In lieu of the lost potential, starting off around Episode VI would mean that Sora interacts with Master Luke instead. As this is...
  4. Nayru's Love

    News ► KH 20th anniversary event Q&A masterpost

    Nomura Translation: What stupid fucking questions Sleep-deprived Nomura is just shooting the shit and I'm loving it...Looking forward to more interviews with this madman.
  5. Nayru's Love

    Joker (2019) - “Put on a happy face”

    Oh, that most certainly is the case. With films like these, some of the indicators of a shot cut include sudden camera movement and shadows, moments where it's easiest to hide the visual transition. A more subtle indicator is when there's a transition in the story from one "chapter" to the next...
  6. Nayru's Love

    Joker (2019) - “Put on a happy face”

    Joker's cinematography was definitely better than I expected, but I don't know how you can watch 1917 and not think it's going to walk away with that oscar; none of the other films really can compare that movie's smooth-as-butter camerawork. Definitely agree on Joaquin Phoenix winning Best...
  7. Nayru's Love

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Everyone is Here! | December 7th 2018

    As a troll move, it's actually kind of brilliant. Sakurai, as Smash Director, has to be aware of both the anticipation of DLC fighter #5 and how the oversaturation of anime sword fighters has become a running gag in the series; only a madman would intentionally orchestrate a collision between...
  8. Nayru's Love

    Why Did Master Xehanort Split Himself Into Heartless/Nobody?

    Well, not quite. Braig always had his suspicions about Xehanort, still questioning Xehanort's amnesia as he was getting his heart extracted (not like we got a straight answer out of Xehanort, anyways). What is for certain is that Xehanort always acted like...Xehanort, which is how I reasoned...
  9. Nayru's Love

    Joker (2019) - “Put on a happy face”

    Oh no, I agree with you; I believe the Golden Lion may have been well earned. But it's still rare for a movie based off comic book material to come off so ambitious. Keep in mind, this is from the director of The Hangover.
  10. Nayru's Love

    Joker (2019) - “Put on a happy face”

    https://variety.com/2019/film/festivals/venice-film-festival-awards-announced-live-updates-1203327388/ lmao Joker wins the Gold Lion, now belonging in the upper echelons with masterpieces such as Rashomon, Brokeback Mountain, and Roma. What a time to be alive.
  11. Nayru's Love

    Would you live in a world with 22% more oxygen despite the risks

    One advantage I could see with that is a small reduction of carbon emissions; stronger people means less reliance on automobiles and whatnot. Well...Intelligence is not substitute for wisdom. Oftentimes an intelligent person can work against society instead of for it. It certainly would be a...
  12. Nayru's Love

    Film ► Marvel Cinematic Universe - RIP Chadwick Boseman

    I was thinking about that the other day as to how such an anticipated sequel wouldn't have any plans announced for the P4 as we know it; I completely forgot that BP and IW were filmed simultaneously which, suffice to say, must have been exhausting for the cast in crew. They certainly earned the...
  13. Nayru's Love

    The Chamber of Repose

    I believe that the best story-related reason we can conjure up is that LoD houses the remaining teachings and traditions of keyblade masters; without this world, guardians of light would gradually become extinct (although how exactly that would relate to the world's special abilities is beyond...
  14. Nayru's Love

    Thoughts on Notre Dame

    If it's to any avail, last year there had been $410 billion given to charities around the world. Even taking into account charity fraud, Notre Dame's donations are still a drop in the bucket. Ultimately, I think they're all PR stunts capitalizing on the disaster's notoriety, so these millions of...
  15. Nayru's Love

    The Chamber of Repose

    There was sooooo much that could have been insinuated from the material we had 😭. For instance, the Chamber of Repose was clearly inspired by the Chamber of Waking's architecture, which gave us an idea as to how much of MX's memories did Xemnas retain. Parallels had also been drawn between the...
  16. Nayru's Love

    The Chamber of Repose

    It’s possible it was the means by which Terra-Xehanort could contact Aqua in the RoD. Other than that, the chambers seem to have become forgotten relics, which is a damn shame considering how much speculation went into them.
  17. Nayru's Love

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Everyone is Here! | December 7th 2018

    Same here; I was honestly a little skeptical if they were going to give the All-out Attack final smash enough justice (before it was confirmed to be the FS). Smash team really went above and beyond all expectations with this update (saying this as I casually sweep online mode under the rug). If...
  18. Nayru's Love

    Joker (2019) - “Put on a happy face”

    Leto's Joker was supposed to take heavy inspiration from Latino gang culture, which tends to be familiar grounds for David Ayer; a more pompous "clown prince of crime," if you will. Had they focused more on Joker's abusive relationship with Harley (as originally planned), there would have been...
  19. Nayru's Love

    Star Wars: The Thread

    Is that the Senate I heard
  20. Nayru's Love

    News ► Gamereactor interviews Yasue on KH3's Critical Mode, process of integrating Disney into series

    KH began with the story of a boy crossing these boundaries between worlds for the greater good, so it really would be a step in the right direction. However, I do also sympathize with Disney when it comes to their hesitation to these crossover possibilities, or at least when it comes to Nomura's...