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  1. Delsan

    That creepy alternate scene in Monstro

  2. Delsan

    Foretellers in Twilight Town?!

    Nomura might have planned BBS during KH2, but how do we know if that was the BBS that finally came into fruition? Maybe Chi was meant to be BBS at first.
  3. Delsan

    Your Deck Commands in BBS:FM, 2.5!

    I'm only playing the game as Terra (Radient Garden) at the moment: Mine Shield Cura Magnera Collision Magnet Thunder Surge Fission Firega
  4. Delsan

    Exclusive: KHInsider Interviews Tetsuya Nomura - Part 2!

    You know, since KH3D was the only one not to get a remaster, I still hope that it will one day get one along with a release with BBSV2 (I guess they could call it 0.5?). Or bundle it with a playable version of Days and Coded. Either one works for me.
  5. Delsan

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Might Go To PS4/XBox One Says IGN

    Honestly I just want the Remix's to release on Vita. I'm actually surprised they didn't do that tbh.
  6. Delsan

    Exclusive: KHInsider Interviews Tetsuya Nomura!

    If you could, would you ever do a proper long interview with him? That would be awesome!
  7. Delsan

    What are these problems with 2.5?

    But don't the American versions of the games always improve upon the Japan release? The big improvements in BBS come to mind (and, personally I never experienced any glitches at all). I'm sure the gltches will be fixed by the time December comes around.
  8. Delsan

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix releases a month from now.

    I didn't have to wait for the KH series like most people did. I got into KH around 2007, and by then the first two games were released, so I was able to play the first two games in succession. But I thoroughly enjoyed KH2 more than KH1, and still do. It wasn't until I joined KHI that I...
  9. Delsan

    GameStop releases new Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX trailer!

    Most likely those are the scenes Sora gets after he repairs the journal.
  10. Delsan

    Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- contains a new secret movie!

    Hmm, so would you have to watch all the Re: Coded cutscenes in one sitting for this to be unlocked? I really doubt that it'll be unlocked no matter what.
  11. Delsan

    New Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX trailer!

    I was dreading that they'd leave the Keyblade Graveyard boss fight scenes the same as they were in the PSP version. Glad it's going to look a lot like the KH 2 FM secret ending now.
  12. Delsan

    Until Dawn

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdWelbl9B9w Until Dawnâ„¢ | PS4 Games | PlayStation http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/08/13/until-dawn-rebooted-for-ps4-and-its-terrifying
  13. Delsan

    Which Disney boss is your favorite battle?

    This is really a hard one, but I’m going to half to say the Ursala from KH1 is my favorite. The first part of the battle was especially challenging because it involved skill instead of hack/slash. Honorable mention goes to KH1 Oogie Boogie. I just loved how the bosses in KH1 tended to be really...
  14. Delsan

    KHII Spells vs. KHI Spells

    I honestly felt that the magic in KH1 was better in KH2, but I rarely used any Magic in KH1 except for Cure and Gravity, or when you NEEDED to use it like when you battle Phantom and Ursala, and for overcoming platforming obstacles. In KH2, I mainly used Cure and Reflect. But I used more magic...
  15. Delsan

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    I somewhat disagree. While I do agree that the level up panels took too much space, the whole point of the panel system was picking and choosing what had to stay and what had to go. That’s why I like it. If the level up system stayed separate, than there would be too much space and it would make...
  16. Delsan

    What's something you wish had made it into the HD collection that wasn't there?

    Re: What's something you wish had made it into the hd collection that wasn't there? I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally made a fully made Days/Coded collection and made it only available for Japan. They did the same thing with CoM when it was remade for KH2FM.
  17. Delsan

    What's something you wish had made it into the HD collection that wasn't there?

    Apart from the obvious “make Days playable”, I would have liked a better camera. Or for the game to look like they did in the promotional pictures. On second thought, they should have just fixed KH1 controls in general, because by today’s standards they suck :/ I also would have liked the Disney...
  18. Delsan


    The only KH game I completely maxed out was Days. I've come close to the others, but Days was the first one that I finished 100% Yeah, definitely. But you can also save those dream eaters to the next file, so you don't have to level up from the beginning over and over again.
  19. Delsan

    BBS Capes...come on! the capes

    Maybe instead of giving the characters full-on capes they can do a similar stunt they did with Days and CoM, with Days keyblades being included in CoM. What if, and this is a big if, they give KH2 Sora a cape during a drive form or something along those lines?
  20. Delsan

    One tiny little thing missing from the Beauty and the Beast World in the entire series should be in

    The world in 3D wasn't even real. Same goes for CoM. Where were you when Days was being written? That's a magnificent idea. Too bad it's too late.