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  1. King Naruto

    Gotham: Children of the Bat

    If you cannot tell from the title then this is a Batman-inspired idea. It deals with his universe, his villains, and his friends but there is one major difference, Batman is no more. This rp would deal with various orphans, children, or others that seek to save Gotham (or damn it). While I do...
  2. King Naruto

    An Open Challenge in hopes of Re-Invigorating This Section

    I issue a challenge to anyone or any number of people. I'll come up with the ideas for the battle. You know Arena, and such. I'm thinking Low - Mid power but, you can choose whatever level. I have no problem with any level of power. I want to have a fight so good that Rpers will start looking at...
  3. King Naruto

    Looking for Interest in an Air Gear Rp

    Thinking of an Air Gear rp. Team based. Three or four to a team. Though this could also go the route of solo Riders. The idea is pretty fuzzy but, I have many mechanics worked out. It would take place after Air Gear's plot. Preferably Original Characters with Ikki and the gang as NPCs or just...
  4. King Naruto

    RP Idea Thread (Rurouni Kenshin, Darksiders, or Dungeon Crawler)

    So I have three ideas in mind, each from varying sources. Rurouni Kenshin - Now this idea isn't exactly fleshed out. I have an idea dealing Hiko training a set of children and those children, years later, face off against iconic Kenshin villains. The ideas are flowing for this and help is even...
  5. King Naruto

    A Score to Settle

    Weather was always an unpredictable force as the rain heavily poured upon the lands of Konoha and it's surronding forests. Lightning struck in various places and thunder could be heard loud overhead. The setting for today though was the open plains within a small spot of the forests. The wind...
  6. King Naruto

    Avenger: Dark Reign

    Ths sun shined bright upon the lively city of New York. It was home to many a people and most of the worlds mot valuable heroes were even stationed or born within the boundries of New York. One particular hero acted as it shining beacon or that's what he thought when he built the extravagent...
  7. King Naruto

    Budokai Tenkaichi 24 (Superbia vs NiggaSauce)

    Restriction: No planet or city destroying techniques nor no transformations that exceed SSJ1. Rule: If you touch any surface that is not the ring then you lose. Wins through ringout or KO but no death. Edit with Temp
  8. King Naruto

    Young Justice - Invasion

    A full moon shined brightly upon Gotham City while the star shined every so brightly on this night. Gotham was not within it's full glory since DarkSeid began invading and Batman's disappearance. Ra's, having joined with DarkSeid, had taken over the city and employed many to help him maintain...
  9. King Naruto

    Young Justice - Invasion

    Rp Thread: http://forums.khinsider.com/canon-roleplays/167278-young-justice-invasion.html Heroes. That is the word used when thinking of firefighters or Policemen. Those that do their jobs to the fullest but, there are ones above them. These people are the superheroes. Superheroes come in many...
  10. King Naruto

    Help/Support ► I'm pretty much like a kawaii Dr. Phil

    Thanks Sexual. That is definantely advice to live by. I will think on these words. As of late, I have honestly been doing some of the things that you have mentioned.
  11. King Naruto

    Batman or Justice League

    I've come looking for the input of you lovely rpers. Got a steady plot for a Batman rp but, I also feel the need for a Justice League rp. Either one can be done and i'm more then willing to do either. Batman would equal a more story driven rp that is based around our individual characters and...
  12. King Naruto

    Battle for the Cowl (Challenge to DJQuackQuack)

    It had been years since Batman's death, leaving the various teeangers that he had raised lost and confused except for a select few that had trained to be the heroes of tomorrow. They all stood on the roof of Wayne Manor as the heavy rain poured upon them and the two men they were watching. These...
  13. King Naruto

    Batman: Ashes of Gotham

    So i'm playing through my second playthrough of Arkham City and keeping up the new 52 Batman which has inspired me really. I read Battle for the Cowl like seven times and I love how Dick goes through learning why Batman was so important of a figure in Gotham and how others viewed Batman and how...
  14. King Naruto

    Help/Support ► I'm pretty much like a kawaii Dr. Phil

    Sorry but, gotta get this off my chest now before I lose my thought process. I've been in the dumps for awhile after the harsh loss of my ex girlfriend. I'm happy with my friends and when i'm doing stuff I like but, usually when i'm alone, my mind always goes to how i've failed twice with two...
  15. King Naruto

    Yu Yu Hakusho rp

    So I'm just wondering how many people would be down for one? I know many would love One Piece but, it's been so long since Yu Yu has seen the light of day in the world of roleplay.
  16. King Naruto

    Just a superheroic idea

    So as anyone knows, i've got a few things cooked up under my belt (I.E. Sonic, One Piece, and Air Gear rp) but, i've been wondering this for awhile ever a batman rp I joined here from years past. How would any feel about either a Batman rp that's not centered around Batman but, his mythos, a...
  17. King Naruto

    T3 Nigga Sauce vs T3 The Batman

    Battle type Melee/low power Arena A subway station right beneath the streets of New York City. There are no people wondering which is rather strange at only 8 o' clock. The subway trains continues to roll past on each side at regular intervals that seem to be very convient for to combating...
  18. King Naruto

    NIgga Sauce vs Nevermore

    Battle type Melee/Moderate power Arena The Going Merry while surronded by the Marine Armada (7 marine ships) as an endless battle rages on the high seas. Cannons are being fired as the sea rocks back and forth. The battle is not the pirates or Marines but, the two warriors withinh the middle of...
  19. King Naruto

    Something out of the norm......Sonic rp

    Yeah i've been thinking about doing this for a little while but, I wonder who would be down for it. I know it might sound kinda silly but, if you ever seen his comics, Sonic Sat AM or played Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 then you know that it can become something great. Before I make any ideas to...
  20. King Naruto


    So i'm bored and I wanna battle. Really don't care who it is and any style of battle will do.