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  1. MangaCrazy101

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Promotional Media!

    Um totally saved and my background. >.>
  2. MangaCrazy101

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Release Date & Pre-Order Bonus!

    Lol EB Games is just the best store for pre-ordering and such. I got my pre-order for the PSP original Dissidia 2 days before it was due for release. ;) Pre-ordering tomorrow, when my dad posted it on my facebook wall I swear to gosh. xD Dat LE art book is mine. :D
  3. MangaCrazy101

    General Allergy Discussion

    So the thread name says it all; What are you allergic to and how do you deal with it? What do you think future generations will be like dealing with viruses/allergies in such a sterilised environment. Do you believe that playing in dirt, and being susceptible to foods when we were younger has...
  4. MangaCrazy101

    Help/Support ► I think something might be wrong with me...

    Awwww Wallflower-Chan *hugs*. I've had depression and Anxiety all my life and I've felt and done things I wish I never had. If you feel like this is getting really bad, you have to talk to someone, even if it's an online phone service, a best friend (In real life) or a family member. Someone...
  5. MangaCrazy101

    Anime/Manga ► Bootleg Products- Anime', Manga and the Merch.

    Welcome to a civilised discussion on a topic that personally most of us (as stereotypical Otakus) hate with a passion. Bootleged products. Where do you stand on bootleg/counterfeit products? About two or three years ago I received the whole 'Sailor Moon' collection on DVD (including the movies)...
  6. MangaCrazy101

    I'm now a 'mature' adult.

    Oh well I turned eighteen today and just felt I needed to let you all know and because i'm doing sh*t all today and I have no life- I'm sitting on the computer with a drink of alcohol that I bought feeling pretty happy with myself. Well done you've done nothing with the first eighteen years of...
  7. MangaCrazy101

    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    Yes that is definitely not how I intended that statement to be seen. -_- My religion doesn't control how I act, it's a moral of my religion, it's what I believe.
  8. MangaCrazy101

    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    It's against my religion to physically hurt any living thing. My mum's boyfriend recently adopted this Staffy cross (some ugly looking thing) and it just chews EVERYTHING! My shoes, my clothes, news papers, my school bag, any piece of clothing. He seems to be more interested in chewing...
  9. MangaCrazy101

    Formal Dress Help.

    Haha okay. If any mod wants to move this or what ever, go ahead- I had no idea where else it would go. Okay well normally I would ask my friends which dress they would like better, but we decided as it's our graduation that we aren't going to show each other and I thought- 'well I need an...
  10. MangaCrazy101

    3D Wall Scroll and Clear Folder on Japanese Amazon!

    Huh.... I tried importing a graphic tablet from the US Amazon not too long ago but it said the didn't ship internationally, maybe it was just the seller? I Don't know how Amazon works. *hugs Ebay*
  11. MangaCrazy101

    3D Wall Scroll and Clear Folder on Japanese Amazon!

    I have but one question as my Japanese is still....limited. (Damn school). DO they ship outside of Japan?
  12. MangaCrazy101

    Promotional English KH3D Box Back

    Living in such a rural place I haven't seen these yet but yay time to go to EB and pre-order! :D
  13. MangaCrazy101

    Dream Drop Distance Australian rating!

    Doesn't surprise me, actually is anyone else in Aus having a hard time finding BBS?? I still haven't got the game went to buy it around Christmas and I couldn't find it anywhere? I do live in the country though... but even my (closest) local EB didn't have it, or JB-HI-FI.
  14. MangaCrazy101

    Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt

    I don't have a KH shirt ): It's so hard to get KH merchandise in Australia unless you get it imported from eBay or where ever.
  15. MangaCrazy101

    Sora's ethnicity?

    I don't know I've always just seen Sora as a kid with brown, gravity defying (not literally) hair and big blue eyes. As other people have said Ethnicity doesn't really matter in a game, just as long as you like it or unless it's a vital part of the game play. Don;t worry Sunomous I love you avvie :)
  16. MangaCrazy101

    My favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts yet I've never played a single Final Fantasy game.

    Like many others I played KH before I knew anything about FF. I started playing KH in year six... six years and it is still my favourite game series. No offence FF lovers, but I think some of the FF games are too confusing, even though KH is heading in that general direction. My love for Disney...
  17. MangaCrazy101

    is Sora superior to Mickey as a keyblade warrior

    I have always thought as Mickey being stronger than Sora but you know now that you mention it, it was Sora and Riku who defeated Xemnas at the end of KH2 not Mickey. But you have to take in account of what Mickey has done too. He and Riku were sealed behind the door and only Riku Succumbed to...
  18. MangaCrazy101

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    Good on you for not letting them scare you off! One of my best friends is Elezbian and before I met her she came out about it to the school (accidentally in english) and she was pretty much condoned from the people in our year, but they soon let up. it didn't help her that her whole family was...
  19. MangaCrazy101

    Riku's upcoming development

    @rac7d I believe you're right I've never felt that Namine` would ever be a love interest for Riku. And it really sh*ts me that they won't confirm the whole Sora X Kairi love spark... it's rather, annoying? But since I've always gone with the flow of Sora and Kairi I see the whole Roxas and...
  20. MangaCrazy101

    Riku's upcoming development

    Okay so how about a bad girl but still a love interest...twists the plot as it hasn't been done yet....(well in this game series). {whole Roaxas Namine' thing doesn't count.} I can see it now: Riku: I know what you're going through. *in the middle of battle with character* girl: You have no...