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    terra + MX = xehenort no body has got that yet how is not obvious he has same hair as the apprentice and same color skin and same eye color
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    it could be the somebody symbol
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    loke you think eveything doesnt make sense and that mite be true for all we now we aint nomura he could do whatever he wants with the series and your sig is stupid God sent christ so that would never happen if you beleive in him why dont go to a church and get your demons cast out
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    KH3 prediction (BBS spoiler warning)

    my guess is that the fate ofTAV will be of RKS i mean they all have the same attributes and KH1 if you thnk about it is kinda a mirror of BBS without all the epicnise
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    ok heres my theory xehenort is terras body with MXs heart so when he split into heartless and nobody they took charateristics of xehanorts body after they were both destroyed they went back to form terras body with MXs heart back in it so the only possible way for terras heart to get inside his...
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    vanitas is xehanort

    No he's found after that 25 character rule
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    vanitas is xehanort

    I've been telling everyone vanitas is xeharnort it makes perfect sense vanitas loses some of his memory and only rembers the most important TAV and MX taking his masters name for an identity and his nobody and heartless take the name ansem the wise to be little sneaky people and hide around and...
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    Vanitas theory

    Here's my theory Vanitas is made as a copy of MX but is a in the cross roads of light and darkness. MX gives him the mask to conceal his identity. Since he's a copy he's given a keyblade and goes on to become a keyblade master. As the game progreses he sees that Ven is getting closer to terra...
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    MX took Ven out of the Chamber of Waking

    But why would mx want ven to stay In the light I mean ven could posibbbly destroy the darkness with hhis lite
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    How come Riku never turned into a heartless?

    His sword in kh 1 25 character rule 25
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    How come Riku never turned into a heartless?

    You do know that soul eater or his sword is made completely out of darkness and in the scene when he is shrouded I'm darkness he wants to use and he uses it to capture roxas he succumbs to it a lot he basiclly is a darkness junkie
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    MX took Ven out of the Chamber of Waking

    I thnk that vanitas is trying to bring ven into darkness basically making him stronger
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    How come Riku never turned into a heartless?

    No you guys are idiots you turn into a heartless when you lose your heart or if it's destroyed if heartless and nobodys are only made by sucuming to darkness then terra would be a heartless and riku would be a heartless because the both lingered in it and used it to become stronger and if that...
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    Vanitas identity

    Now it mite be that vanitas is vens copy that might be why ven has the headaches so he might be a darker version of ven and my theory is that he is a bad copy of MX or ven hense the mask
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    "Keyblade of Worlds' Hearts"

    Oblivion and oathkeeper are memories of roxas and xion and keychains are memorys so anything that has some special meaning can become a keychain like wtd is memories of riku being in the darkness