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  1. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    Try Theirs a million reasons to want to throw Hands in rapid succession, for me, their stowed away from harms way hands clasped to pray and reclaim my patience lost with a "not today!" Sometimes I hate the way that things played out I'm tired of repeat offenders my mind's grayed out Got no...
  2. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    these lil niggas ain't "like that" Everyone says their supportive, but they aren't Everyone tells you to be supportive, but lets be honest It's ok to define the problem by it's outline, until it isn't It's never ok to lie about the timeline, but that ain't my business you see expectations have...
  3. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    Distractions Don't Exempt Your Promise 06.15.2025 I got it wrong again lovely to be wrong (again) wrong wasn't my intent but it billowed out (again) I can see it emanating off me, wrapped like a veil the darkness is thick and my desires manifest without fail my hunger for connection is...
  4. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    [Persona 3] Altruist Abandoned Agony Think about this for a second, what does it mean to be human Does it mean we're all capable of turning a silhouette with lumen I ask myself this often, I question many things just as often I drift along aloft while staving off the course i'd soon soften...
  5. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    [Persona 2] Little Submissive Mommy Come here you, why are you standing so far away I want to hold you in my arms like the kids today In fact let me hold all of you at the same time, that sounds great I've wanted this for so long, felt like I would never see the day You look tired, are you...
  6. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    [Persona 1] Wrathbearer I am the behemoth swishing around inside of a glass ready to crack I harbor a demon's rage upon those wishing I would recant my attack There is no pity here that even exist for the threshold of harm stacked Once I'm on you, someone's pulling me off well after I got my...
  7. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    [Persona 0] Exit Wounds I don't know, when am I supposed to run out of rope I keep pulling without end, again and again but nope I'm tired of being tired, i'm lazy, even call me slow Struck the iron so many times I reaped what i've sown I've been on fire, combusting all around me as I'm...
  8. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    I Abhor Liars I've got a collective of thoughts thats been on mind again I go through stress i've fought and worry time and time again But I just go undermined again, avoiding the things you wanna say Two hands that never clasp to pray, extending, telling me another day You parked it early...
  9. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    6.15.2025 I let another one go, too many questions laid down on the table My body's labeled and ready to hold my child soon as I'm able It's father's day for me, grinning and filled with teeth I'm fuckin thirty-five I looked alive trying to find my child's mother once upon a time For you i'd...
  10. Ðari

    Poetry ► ♫Grimoire of Rhymes♪

    Wrote this when I woke up Pressure Presence Panzer-Soldat I sold part of my soul going five years back Bold be the goals I've set down on the track I'm set to run it up at full-speed carrying all the weight Doing push-ups on my opponents who do nothing but wait My presence is a veritable...
  11. Ðari

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    [AMV] Silhouette - KANA-BOON The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars
  12. Ðari

    The Good Things thread. (When something makes you wanna cheer..)

    Younger sister caught me slipping and snapped a picture of me knocked out with my three-month old niece. Perfect example of good-vulnerability that genuinely made me really happy. Did you one better @maryadavies and stickied ✅
  13. Ðari

    when forum insanity is a low-activity board

    Its on life support George, break out the AED!
  14. Ðari

    General ► This is a sad day for both Dragon Ball anime fans and old skool RPG fans. (Death of Akria Toriyama.)

    I can't tell you how influential he was in so many of my friendships formed both online and off as a long-time fan of his work. If Eiichiro Oda is a modern day Homer then Toriyama was Plato. It genuinely...feels so surreal, I extended my deepest condolences to his family and peers, what an...
  15. Ðari

    Lit ► Something to consider about J. K. Rowling

    Any healthy discussion that is going to hold its weight on the basis of critical thinking isn't one that is dismissive of other viewpoints, opinions, cited facts, and the like. I was alerted to this topic yesterday and to be fair, it's almost impossible to actively discuss Rowling in a public...
  16. Ðari

    Fanfiction ► Memories are [NOT] Resolute

    Special Memory: Trust Resolute Zero|Erase Everything Location: Recluse Ward Time: ?????? "Ethari..." a voice was heard faintly in the wind, "Ethari...!" there was a slight rustling in the darkness that surrounded him "Wake up Ethari!!!" Eth jerked, hitting his head on the ceiling of the top...
  17. Ðari

    What are your thoughts on Xemnas?

    Moving topic to appropriate section. Carry on.
  18. Ðari

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Went back and edited my post, but 2005 for Japan, 2006 for all other regions, referring to KH2.
  19. Ðari

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    This had to be one of the most jarring concepts i've seen the writers do. Lets tell the player their hero antics are supporting the baddies and justify their meddling by saying it doesn't really matter if we're helping them if we stop them lol. 2005JP/2006NA? Nomura was a wild boy lol.
  20. Ðari

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Friendly Reminder: "The point of this thread isn't to provide counter arguments" Please.