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    Hades paradox cup, round 48

    I go Tifa, Yuffie, Squall, Cloud.
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    I like Master for the Magic. Of course Finale takes the cake.
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    Peoples Levels

    New game lvl17 Old game lvl99
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    Yeah, and she doesn't have an oversized head anymore. Thoug yeah, Sora seems like he might still be a little embarrased to show his feelings. Yet, he cried like a pansy when he found out something.
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    Tension Rising (the song played while fighting Twilight Thorn)

    Or wehn listening to it, just click file, and "save media as"
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    Your Prefered Drive Mode

    Yeah, you haven't owned a heartless army till you hit a Triple Thundaga/Magnega from Final Form.
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    Your Prefered Drive Mode

    Yeah, so even with the fast drive consumption, you get to keep all drives longer after you level it. It rocks too, but its kinda TOO powerful.
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    Your Prefered Drive Mode

    I like final for the fact that you get 2 Drive Boosts when you level it up.
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    How do nobodies have hearts?

    I can't figure this one out.
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    Let's make this game harder

    How is it harder?
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    Favorite form?

    Maybe he just isn't that far yet, becuase what would he say about Master, and Finale?
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    Anyone else feel like kh2 is missing something?

    Yes, and that is to wrap up the story, even though it was wrapped up in a pretty lame way this time, but just a small letter, and last video to make a gateway for the 3rd to be made.
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    Favorite form?

    Though I guess Wisdom is my fav. because I was just sweepin enemies with Fira, and Thundara when I first got it.
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    Favorite form?

    I am on Proud now, and its still nearly invincible. I mean I never really had any problems with any regular enemies once I drive to any form, but Finale is just powerful thats all. I am not ragging on it or anything. Just forget about it.
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    Gummi ship

    Gummies this game were awesome, and I thought I would hate it as much as the last one. Much more fast paced from the very start I loved them nearly as much as normal battles.
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    Anyone else feel like kh2 is missing something?

    Well I only started visiting this board like yesterday again, so if it has been like that for a while I guess I can see your frustration.
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    Favorite form?

    That time was Normal.
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    Favorite form?

    How is it not god mood? I mean you prlloy lose a l;ittle life for every hit, but how often are the enemies alive to hit you?
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    Anyone else feel like kh2 is missing something?

    What are you talking about? Sounds like you won't be happy unless everyone loves this game, and rates it a 10/10 and say "OMFG this game is teh SEX!!!?!!?" I don't know who spoiled the game for themselves, and whatnot, but I didn't. Nor did I have high expectations, just the normal high for...