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    Idea of Rikku and Yuna as kids

    I think it would be good, that way Yuna and Rikku could interact all the other young FF characters ^^
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers singing Simple and Clean??

    I'm pretty sure this is a mistake of some sort. If RHCP sang Simple and Clean it would be... odd.
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    What made you buy the game?

    The main reason I bought KH was because of the FF/Disney combination. I was a huge Disney fan when I was younger and I am a MASSIVE Final Fantasy fan, so the idea of a game with both of these things in it was too good to resist! Also ... I thought Riku was kind of hot ...
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    Found this on ytmnd.com

    that is one of the funniest things i have ever seen LMAO
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    Mickey and Riku

    I think that Riku is on the good side but only pretending to be bad to spoil the order's plans. There is no way he would go back to the darkside again ...
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    Easy-Breezy-Extra Cheezy KHII

    yeah. in the game and in the manga, they say that they lived there untill it was destroyed. and you theory makes a lot of sense!
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    Riku, Possibly

    It has to be Riku! He's gonna be (and has to be) a major part of KH2, so why would he be left out of the poster?
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    Voice acting for PotC???

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    The smelling thingy ...

    Well said!
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    wat's with the X

    I don't know whether Riku, Mickey or the BHK are in members of the Organization. Has it eve been confirmed that the 'X' in the names actually means anything? Maybe Tetsuya Nomura just thought it would be cool. I doubt it has any particular meaning.
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    the enigmatic man idenity

    He's gonna be a Kingdom Hearts original character. Where does it ever show his weapons??? I wanna see!
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    optional bosses pt2

    This has been posted sooooooooo many times ... oh well. I reckon Ultima would be sick.
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    do you know

    I didn't know that it was confirmed to be two disks, but it has been rumoured (sp?) that there will be. I would rather just one.
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    Totally agree. I don't think anyone can pinpoint the exact date. I don't reckon it will come out in 2006, it has to come out this year.
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    new team member??

    Probably Star Wars or Legend of Zelda, that would be sick. It would even be cool to go to worlds from Final Fantasy/
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    the organization's plans

    Wow, that is weird ... they all have an "x" in their name
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    have you ever noticed...(+ a theory)

    Yeah, I have noticed that. Took me a while to actually work out it was her, though. That's a really good theory, too! It makes a helluva lot of sense!
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    does riku still hav feelings for kairi?

    I think he will have some feelings for her, but I don't think it will be made a noticable as it was in KH. There would be no way that he would stop liking her so quickly, but he is probably trying to for Sora's sake. Poor Riku ... he better get a girlfriend.
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    If Kingdom Hearts could happen in real life

    Re: could kh happen in reall life??? You think about it being kool if you were the keyblade master and defeat the heartless, but if it did ever happen, u would hate it. I'd rather just dream about it. Oh, chaosraider, you sig is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to big. It's distracting
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    2 things

    I have no idea how much money I have, but it would be less than 9999, thats for sure! I'm on level 96, and I beat Sephiroth at level 60 or something. The best advice I could give you is when he gets ready to hit you with that attack that sends ur hp and mp to 1, super glide towards him and...