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    KH2 theme song?

    oooooooooh i hope they do keep it, i love that song, actually i am listening to it right now! *bobs head to music* when you walk away, you dont hear me say please, oh baby dont go simple and clean is the way that your making me feel tonight its hard to let it go aw yeah, gotta love simple...
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    Riku - Friend or Foe? Plus more wonderings

    yeah i think BHK has some sort of relation to Sora, and i DO think sora will die in the end but hell, its fun to watch him struggle (he he he)
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    Sora and Kairi

    i reckon they will share a papou fruit and their hearts will be intertwined blah blah blah and they will kiss and promise to never leave each other blah blah blah, disney stuff is so typical, i bet that happens, the last ending was really stupid though... flashback ill come back for you... i...
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    Riku - Friend or Foe? Plus more wonderings

    Riku- Friend or foe? The question everyone is asking, plus, will he even be in KH2, or is he gone forever. And what part will Kairi play, especially when it come to Sora (he he he). What has BHK got to do with everything and, is Ansem back, yes we think so but what is he up to? why have the...